Tremere Voting Sigil and Talisman

Hi Guys,
I finally got around to reading HoH:TL and I noticed a bit in the Tremere section (top right, p123) when they receive their talisman as their voting sigil. Is this meant to mean that the Talisman the magus has already made is handed over and then ceremonially returned as their sigil? Or are they given something to use as a talisman?

Yes, it means that if they have already made a talisman, it is given to them as their ceremonial sigil. The sigil that was used before, which is a piece of birch wood, is taken to the Cavern of Standards and kept until there magus dies, when it is used to light his funeral pyre. The Cavern of Standards isn't named in TL.

Thanks, it was only a small point but a little confusing.