Triamore - the covenant at Lucien's Folly

The castle was built by a power-hungry nobleman who bankrupted himself before it was finished. The Stauffer kaisers as the granted the half-finished castle as a liege (without obligations) to magi from the order under the provision that it wouldn't be rebuilt. The magi were seen as a neutral go between with no territorial interests in the region. The arrangement has been in place for many years.

It has an oval shape (about 150m E to W x 80m N to S). Some of the north and south walls are virtually nonexistant. The southeast is defined by an impressive gatehouse houding the grogs, which is the main entry from the village (VBois de Haillaut). The northeast corner is a large tower named Ulisterius tower, which houses Remi's sanctum.

There is a stable leaning against the southern wall. It's upper floor might be used as a sanctum (the stablemaster wouldn't mind moving into the keep).

The Keep is the largest building. It's about 100m x 40m and is situated in the north-western part of the oval that makes up Triamore. The ground floor consists of a council chamber, a solar, the foyerand a library, and the Great Hall. The second floor contains Daria's sanctum, the steward quarters and just enough room for four more sancti (which means that there won't be any guest quarters remaining if you all move in there, a state that will need to be remedied as soon as possible).

The first and second basement level is where the servants operate and most goods are stored. There is also a little-used dungeon.
There is a third basement level but nobody wants to venture there. If pressed, the servants will whisper about something that lives down there that kills anyone foolish enough to enter (there seems to have been such an incident just two or three years ago).