Tribunal 1221 Prep

Anybody want to do anything before we start the Tribunal thread?

And do any of the grogs want to participate in the Muggle Games?

Muggle games? What events are there?

All kinds of stuff goes on at the Muggle Games, which is something the Tribunal does to keep the mundanes occupied (and, hopefully, out of trouble) during the meetings.

Things like archery, caber tossing, singing, story-telling, sword-fighting, and wrestling. Probably others, but those are the only ones I've thought of so far.

The main rules are that no member of the Order may compete, and the contests can't be affected by spells cast during the contest. So...a competitor can have his Strength enhanced before the Caber Toss, but a watching magus can't cast a Rego Herbam on the caber to make it land truer.

I'm willing to bring Cory along to the Tribunal and have him compete in some of the Muggle Games. I doubt he'll be in any position to win any. But it's the competing that's the fun part.

Madadh will definitely want to try wrestling...

Welp, looks like we're going to have two threads (at least) for Tribunal: one for the magi and one for everyone else.

Seamus would be interested in competing in the sword fighting, although more so if there is a division where magic isn't used. Skill only.

Bea offers her services to any grogs who would like some spells cast in advance, set so the grog can activate it when desired and then deactivate it when desired. Her limit will be that she will need to cast the spells after getting a token to the covenant's Aegis.

Madedh will want to know how much she can boost his quickness and dex.

Magic can be used in all the official contest. There's always pick-up games, though.

Seamus would certainly desire to go, and provide many of the escort if the magi desire some. When not "on a duty@ he would keenly be watching how magic changes the battles. Especially if there are more flamboyant demonstrations - flying, changing shape , magical items, etc.
However he's not going to risk a fight, even a mock one, against an unknown factor.

Mull would also like to go, to learn more about what other books there are out there. He figures he can at least talk shop with the librarians at the other covenant, which he's never been to, if he doesn't meet anyone else willing to talk about books. At length. And in depth. If he has time, he'd also be interested in the archery contest.

As I think about it, Isobel might want to go to try and sell some of her potions.

Actually, I realized that Bea can prepare the magic in advance, assuming visiting magi will all be given tokens. Then her magic won't be dispelled. She just won't hand off control to the grogs until after entering the Aegis so they don't need tokens, too.

Those are difficult (think of the guidelines). She's more likely to do a whole bunch of more specialized things. Examples: allowing huge jumps, invisibility, improved senses, improved soak, etc.

How do you hand off control without Tethering? I thought Tethering was the only way to do that.

What's the rule on magic items?

Yes. Competitors can use magic items during their events. They just can't have spells cast on them by magi during. Before or after, yes. But not during.

I'll have to think of some one-shot items to whip up to help the competitors, then.

Well, there is a canon MuVi method. However, I'd use Tethering. Beatrix has that as well as the necessary Harnessed Casting for the one necessary spell: Sustaining the Demanding Spell. This is her opportunity to demonstrate to the Redcaps of the tribunal what she's described to them.

Also, being good at Rego, Bea could load the grogs up with wards. :slight_smile: