Tribunal Books

Actually, yeah. It all proceeds from there, so House Bonisagus seems like a good baseline Vanilla.

Apart from them being able to take another magus' apprentice.

I think there is a difference between forcing a choice of house and then thinking that your character just doesn't care about the house and picking a tribunal for the entire group and have the entire group have to live with that choice.

To go with that analogy. If you are playing a Tremere or a Mercere or a Guernicus there are expectations of the house, but for Flambeau, Tytalus or Jerbiton, these are more expectations than rules. The new tribunals seem to fit into the more constricting level.

Well, there is the fact that no Redcaps live with the covenant, which might bum some players who wanted to play a mundane Redcap.

I consider having the Tribunal a year later than the rest of the Order useful , since it allows players to visit other Tribunals.

Tremere is the only real restrictive one. Guernicus explicitly is about not bothering other magi. That is sort of their whole reason for supporting the code. What it really means to be in that house is that you are expected to investigate crimes, and then tell the Tribunal. And you are respected. Pretty cool huh? House Mercere Magi, (unless you are a Redcap) are basically liked by the mail men. Also you are expected to have lots of children. And once every seven years spend a season [strike]spying on other covenants, and gathering a huge pile of arcane connections[/strike] delivering mail. Not a huge deal.

Here's an updated proposal:

Summary of Tribunal Book for Campaign Planning

1 Territory of the Tribunal
1.2 <Mundane Organizations<

2 The Order - Tribunal Organization
2.1 Effects on Individual Magi
2.2 Effects on Covenants
2.2.3 <Political Involvement (Hermetic)>
2.2.4 <Political Involvement (Other)>
2.3 Factions in the Tribunal
2.4 Important Plots for Campaign

3 Specific Support in the Book

4 Interaction with Other Tribunals

5 Miscellaneous Remarks

No spoilers. Brevity and precision.
just define a paragraph's content, and are omitted in the text.
The text should have on average two lines per bullet point. Bullet points irrelevant for planning a campaign in a Tribunal shall be dropped.


Where do you find these people, and can I borrow some?

In general, or the ones who want to play Redcaps?

In my last game someone played a Redcap, but she had made that choice before I joined the game so I don't know how her thought process. I don't know if any of my current players will want to play Redcaps, it may be that playing a Redcap is something you have to play Ars Magica for a while before you realize how powerful it is.

We have a mundane player Redcap in both of our groups.

Vanilla is a flavour too.

I hope nobody read this to mean I actually volunteer for this. While it would be useful and also fun, unless someone breaks the Hermetic limit of Time it is completely unrealistic for me.

Atlas could certainly argue that yes, this expresses the key concepts of their works and thus strays from fair use.

The trick would be to -ask them first-. Clear fair use only matters if your approach is adversarial.

Yup, that is why my posting mentioned chocking for any copyright violations or legalese hooplah. Except I apparently made a Com Botch and was perceived to volunteer :slight_smile:

Here is a quick example for the kind of summary we discussed:

It is here as an example to show, what could go into a Summary for Campaign Planning, and how it might look. Who was in favor of such information being easily available can now see, whether this is what he thought of.
Detailed contents are then up for change in a second step - and perhaps better at Project Redcap, if Yair's offer still stands, and Atlas does not call for a halt.


I put the template for a Summary of Tribunal Book for Campaign Planning, and the Summary of Tribunal Book Guardians of the Forest: The Rhine Tribunal (GotF) for Campaign Planning onto Project Redcap, just as discussed here. See ... e_Tribunal for the result so far.

@Yair: Please have a look on it, especially as an editor. I tried to conform with Project Redcap formats and results here, but am not sure I succeeded.

Now it is up to further volunteers to do summaries for other new Tribunal books. I especially look at dwightemarsh and ezzelino here. :slight_smile:


I edited the template and Rhine-exemplar a bit. (I mostly entered empty lines between paragraphs.) Note I moved the template to the end of the page (no need for it for the common reader, it shouldn't distract him) and that I also shortened the title a bit. The text could use hyper-linking to existing content; for example, if you write [[HMRE]] instead of HMRE, then the wiki will automatically link to the "Hedge Magic Revised Edition" page, which could be a huge help for someone that doesn't know what HMRE stands for. Unfortunately, I can't devote the time to do that right now; perhaps later.


Already looks a lot better now than I had left it. Thanks a lot!

Hmmm, I should really get around to writing one for The Cradle and the Crescent, the "Not-Tribunal" Tribunal Book.... :slight_smile:


There is already a part set aside for it, "Mesopotamia", but it's very desolate and empty...


Well, Mesopotamia is one of the more interesting areas... we'll have to fix that, eh?