Tribunal Issues

I am going to be running a tribunal for my home game in the Rhine Tribunal (1060 so first tribunal after guardians of forests ruling was created).

I am looking for ideas on some tribunal issues that I can bring up to be voted upon. Among other things, the players have promised votes to Fengheld and Irencilla in return for their support in becoming a covenant.

I already have the following:

  1. Dankmar is trying to get approval for 2nd time (by GotF, they are rejected until 1067)
  2. 2 cases for guardians of the forest
  3. vote for representatives to the 1063 grand tribunal
  4. vote to bring up annexing poland again at the 1063 grand tribunal (By GotF, grand tribunal rejected this issue in 1063)

I am looking for other ideas.

  1. Vis source ownership is always an obvious one, and one where player votes may be needed.

  2. Some altercation by magus A with either a mundane or faerie that led to a negative impact to magus B

  3. A case testing some aspect of the Code. Popular choices might include:
    a) How many magic items can a magus sell to mundanes? Can he sell directly, or does he need an intermediary? Can he sell to only one side of some mundane conflict?
    b) How direct must a threat to a magus/covenant be for them to interfere with mundanes or molest the fae? If something will probably lead to a negative result, is pre-emptive magic action acceptable?
    c) If Magus A learns via scrying that Magus B is breaking the code, is Magus A allowed to bring suit? Is he allowed to provide testimony?