Tribunal of Thebes

Are there any canonical covenants known to be in the Theban Tribunal? Are there any resources with ideas for covenants for the area? I'm just looking for ideas for a character background.

There is nothing.

What you should do is look for a ruined pagan temple that seems interesting and have a covenant there.

One for sure in Constantinople proper. Others I am unsure about. For line-quality products you can look into Genest's Theban Tribunal works on the net. Amazing stuff there :slight_smile:


Nicopolis, Athens, the Ruins of Thebes.

The Despot is making a grab starting near Prevetza(at 1205) taking latin controled cities spreading east.

If you are latin, you may be leaving the crazyness. If you are Roman(what we call greek) you may be seeking vengence.

There may be on outside Constantinople near Universite, however I would venture to guess that any Roman member of the order is likely to be killing Latin members around there.

After the sack of the city the empire's education system goes to poo. Most teachers and what few things were not stolen or destroyed are being moved out. Constantinopolis is not the place to be.

I would think any covenant there would be Quesator and Mercure headquarters and that is all. It is the capital of the Roman Empire after all. I doubt any one covenent would be allowed to dominate it. Especially after all the Jerbiton BS with the imperial family the past 100 years ... or if the political sillyness wa mundane oriented, there may be lots of code breaking to try and stop the sillyness.

Unless you go with my alternative history which states that someone around Constantinopolis knew the ritual to make a block of gold and paid the latins to not sack the city. So a Latin is not at the throne, 4th crusade proceeds as planed in the Holy Lands... or someone just kills the army outside risking Wizard's March, but not Divine Wrath.
i digress...
BTW the less your character identifies with the Romans(ie byzantine greeks), the better they will be when dealing with the Latins(ie everyone else).

There is Seuthopolis, which I recently wrote up for Sub Rosa #4. It's set in Bulgaria's Rose Valley, and has a fairly detailed list of hooks and boons. I haven't heard any feedback on it yet, but I'd love to hear it put to work. It's not canon, but it'd do the trick. :slight_smile:

you can pick up Sub Rosa here.


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