Tribunal poll

Which Tribunal to Place the covenant in

  • Theban Tribunal (Based on Sundered Eagle)
  • Roman Tribunal(Based on 3ed Ed tribunal book, less demons)
  • Greater Alps Tribunal (Based on 4th ed book)
  • Transylvania Tribunal (Made up at least until source book becomes available)
  • Levant Tribunal (4th edition book)
  • Somewhere else which had Romans (Please specify where and why)

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Vote for your tribunal

Anyone have any preference or not? I'm against the Rome Tribunal. It is a pain in the @$$. I've have warm memories of the Greater Alps. Levant or Theban also sound good. All would have some Roman sites.

I dunno. A lot of it depends on the parameters of the character generation and covenant creation process. All have positive and negative attributes. If the demon aspect is toned down, the Roman isn't so bad, if we're investigating Roman sites...

I vote for the Levant - an interesting place which sees to little play IMHO :smiley:

All of those tribunals have significant Roman ruins and will be fine for the core plot , it is more which is better suited for the wider game including what characters people prefer. If I had a clear preference for a tribunal I would have just picked it.
Essentially I am giving it a few days for people to indicate any preferences and reasons and then I'll select the one which seems most popular and then decide on the basic details of the covenant , after that I'll let people have a say over hooks , boons and point buys for anything not essential to my plot

I'm abstaining. I don't have a preference. If a vote is neede to break a tie and keep the decision in the hands of players I'll take a vote.

I voted for Thebes just because it is new and interesting. I do not think this is the right kind of Covenant to go into Levant. It becomes very dangerous in 1258 for Magus and does not exist in 1293 unless some actions are taken. I think it would be an interesting Tribunal if we were either doing a Crusading Covenant or all played Muslim Magus.

I suggest "Somewhere Else" only because the Theban Tribunal is already well documented and focuses on older traditions than Rome. One of the other provinces would more likely contain untouched Roman secrets. There needs to be reason why the Roman sites were lost. On the fringes of the Empire, Rome's hold was more tenuous and more likely to have been lost by invaders and people uninterested in preserving Roman traditions. Byzantium is a continuation of the Roman Empire, they have maintained many of its legal and cultural traditions for hundreds of years.

Some suggestions would be Iberia (favorable – long Roman tradition and many invaders to cover it up; unfavorable – frequent location of other on-line sagas); Rhine – (favorable – Teutonic forests with lost legions and etc, changing borders; unfavorable too much gild and covenant politics); Provencal (favorable, ignored location, many Roman sites lost to dark age invaders and late feudalism, good ruins aqueducts and forums in several towns, dangers of the Albigenisan Crusade always in the background; unfavorable – no core book and not very exotic); Loch Leglean (favorable – farthest Roman outpost, clear roman presence with few Roman roots, history of a missing legion, 2 walls and lots of forts still around, Tribunal not generally friendly to Roman Magi or scholars for interesting stories; unfavorable – another popular online saga location, might be hard to stay focused on “Rome”).

My first choice is Scotland (my last table top saga was set here but it didn’t get enough interest among local players). Second choice is Provencal. Third choice is Rome.

One clarification regardless of where the covenant is set up there is a very good chance you will have to go and investigate Roman ruins elsewhere in Europe , the tribunal chosen is more likely to effect local stories. I have a preference for tribunals for which there is a source book so I do not have to invent all of the covenants in the area.

Then which one would you like to try? You have to have one that you would like to try and run a game in?