tribunals yet to come

as the game progresses I will be adding 'open' tribunals, in which any player may have at least one magus character. These will occur in the following order, based on game date:

1194- Roman
1195- Hibernia
1198- Provencal
1202- Novgorod
1204- Levant
1207- Transylvania
1210- Rhine
1212- Iberia
1214- Greater Alps
1215- Loch Leglean
1216- Stonehenge
1217- Normandy

I’m assuming these would start as magi, not as apprentices like the Theban characters?

correct. Initially they will need to be newly gauntleted, but for later tribunals there can be some post gauntlet advancement

Time to start collating all the concepts I have for magi.

Dammit! I’ve only got like 3 magi concepts that I keep reusing.

I am calling dibs on a concept for the Levant Tribunal, a Jewish Sin-eater.

My current character will probably be mobile between a couple of tribunals, as long as they don't overlap with any of my other characters that's not a problem, right? Basically he's going to end up as a researcher of other traditions, so he'll at least be active in Levant and whichever one ends up going to Africa (I believe it was Rome before?)

Yeah, in 3rd Ed. there was a single roman covenant in the ruins of Carthage, near Tunis. That and like half the other covenants in Rome were infernal to some degree... #3rded

before there were three tribunals that went into Africa- Iberia, Rome, and Levant, each with it's own section. I intend the game to go there again, as we approach 1230.

If you need help on the central Maghreb, I am SGing a game set in Malta

I have GM'd Malta before.

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Malta is ripe territory for a fun saga.

Alas, Malta is currently outside of any Tribunal boundaries, unless you wish to send magi to set up a covenant or chapter house (Roman of course) there

Since I noticed one of the Theban apprentices has learned Leadworker what would you say to a mystery lineage within Tremere that has kept secrets of the Priesthood of Aita alive? The stuff about Aita which gets merely a mention in True Lineages (p111, in the "Butterfly and Two-Pronged Fork" section) is the most interesting thing about Tremere to me.

Sorry, just glancing at what I might want to do for Transylvania. I know, we haven't even really gotten to Hibernia and there's 3 more after that before Transylvania.

Aita would have been before the Roman empire, and well before the order, so a living cult to her would not have survived within the house, and not much in the way of secrets would have survived through their worship of Pluto. Keep in mind that not everyone in Transylvania is Tremere- they do have contracts with individuals from other houses as well...

I am aware, I just can't stand Tremere as a house and the only thing that really makes them mildly interesting is the Transylvanian Tribunal book Hence in my goal to have at least one Magus of each house and at least one in each Tribunal I decided Id make a Tremere for Transylvania.

Pluto would work as well, I guess, I'm just hoping for some way to initiate Major Potent Magic (Necromancy) because Tremere are dumb with their focus* in Certamen.

[edit: and yes, this is totally left over from White Wolf, both Vamp & 3rd Ed.]

* Both the virtue and the idea of focus in a looser sense.

yes, that is definitely a possibility, there is definitely a 'cult' of necromancers within the Tremere.

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