Trifels Castle location in GotF

I'm not sure if decrepitude is weighing on me but I could not find Trifels Castle on the map in [u]Guardians of the Forest /u. As a landmark famous for being a seat of power of Henry VI and the site at which Richard the Lionhearted was held, I'm a little surprised the location of Trifels was not included.

Can anyone help with where Trifels Castle belongs on the GotF map?


between sarbrucken and speyer on the main map, in the palatinate forest nearest covenant Durenmar.

Thank you, thrakhath!

Annweiler is the name of the village there. It is a region with wine and forests (more wine and less forests than today, because parts of what is forest today used to be farmland in the middle ages). The base rock is red sandstone.

Merci, JeanMichelle!