troupe time- good teacher

Should good teacher add to training totals?

  • no
  • yes at +3, same as for texts
  • yes at +5, same as for teaching

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to resolve a house rule issue on which I am divided

I voted no and here is my reasoning.

Teaching and training are two separate things. One is a master showing an apprentice how to do something that the master intends on using to earn a living(ArM5 pg 164). They are calculated totally differently. One totally relies on the master's ability score and the other on the teaching skill plus communication. Since teaching is not used in gaining experience in training why should good teacher modify it?

teaching is also not used I writing books yet good teacher explicitly modifies that.

I think everyone agrees that teaching and training are two very different critters.

The real issue in question is that despite it's name, Good Teacher never actually mentions teaching in it's rule. It specifies that anyone who "studies" with them receives the bonus. That language persists despite numerous errata clarifying how to calculate study totals, therefore I feel that language was intentional. If it was meant to only apply to teaching totals, I think the writers would have said so at one point or another.

Despite this, I now look to game balance. All things being equal (sill level, one teacher/student, etc), Teaching will ALWAYS provide six more XP than training, which can easily be worth investing a season. If GT only applies to teaching, then it will often provide eleven more XP than training, strongly reducing the value of training in the game.

Before I asked about this issue I ran into it designing my third grog. I had already decided to take Teacher 5/Craft 5 over just a higher craft simply because teaching was more efficient no matter what I did.