True Faith and magical creatures


An interesting question is coming up in our campaign. Can a magical or faerie creature have True Faith? :slight_smile:


true faith aligns you really strongly with the Divine, IIRC. SO a fae or magical beast with true faith is no longer fae or magical, but divine.

They can believe in God (no problem with that) but true faith means you are a vehicle for the divine to express its will on Earth (dunno if that is canon, though) so you can't be a part of an other realm (that is what having a Might score means) and have true faith.

Magi are aligned with magic, but are notPART of magic yet, so they can develop true faith. Now that I think of it, this explanation would be completely inconsistent with true faithed magi....

Heck, even demons BELIEVE in the divine. They exist as an anthitesis to it, and they have seen Heaven, after all. But they cannot have true faith.



But then there is a story seed in RoP:M that uses a magic kin, the Forgotten Gods, in the shape of a magically aligned character who also has True Faith... which is quite odd indeed.

So the answer is, I suppose, the old "whatever suits your game", although there is clear evidence, in canon, that it is possible.

Interesting. Well, in our campaign, the characters will meet a giant who has found God, and is being led by the Divine to do good things. The inspiration for this character actually came from a very unlikely source, which was one of the characters in the game Fallout 3. I'm going with the theme "things are not always as they seem". :slight_smile:

But to put it another way: what happens to people with True Faith who becomes Transformed into magic beings? If they get transformed into Divine beings, if I remember correctly, they loose their True Faith, but get their Faith Score x10 in Divine Might.



I would say no. Simply because a creatures essential nature (the source of its might) is tied to its realm.

I personally think trying to give true faith to a magic creature is like trying to power a calucation with thermal energy rather then electricity. It doesn't work and may god badly wrong.

Truth faith is a personal and intimate relationship with God. God could have such with a creature of any realm but infernal (Which is a denial and opposition to divine). You can have true faith and not be of the divine realm (such as magi with true faith, magic creatures with true faith), etc....

A faerie with truth faith would be odd but I could see it, especially if it suits the story. Of course that fae might end up becoming divine creature rather than faerie in the long run but this could be start of that path.

Only beings with souls can have True Faith.

Angels can't have True Faith. Devils can't have True Faith. Faeries can't have True Faith. Animals can't have True Faith. Dragons, giants and magical beings can't have True Faith. Magical animals can't have True Faith.

Only humans can have True Faith. Humans with any kind of Might score can't have True Faith.

A person with True Faith that gains a Might score loses their True Faith but could gain other powers (i.e. saints). A person with True Faith that gains Magic Might definitely loses their True Faith (since their soul has been fundamentally transformed, and their Realm affiliation has changed from Divine to Magic.


If it suits you, sure.

Per the limit of the Divine: If God wants it to happen, it happens.

Saying "God can not grant true faith to a creature with magic, faerie or infernal might" denies the omnipotence of God. All those who hold this opinion are hereby excommunicated from the True and holy church of ArsMagica and must perform penance before being accepted back into the fold.


Just in case it's not clear. The preceding post was intended as a joke.

He's lost his magical nature, though, hasn't he? (Pilgrim's Parma...) Perhaps he was a Magic Human who lost his Might when he became touched by the Divine?

I figure that since True Faith is a General Virtue, any character can take it. While an animal with True Faith does seem like it might be inappropriate, there is the precedent of Saint Guinefort. :slight_smile: By that logic, even an infernalist could have True Faith, though. Perhaps gaining True Faith automatically transforms a character's Supernatural Virtues and Flaws into Divine ones? Or maybe it just undoes the character's immortal aspect and makes it holy? For example, maybe a magic sword that becomes intelligent and gains True Faith winds up as an unintelligent, nonmagical relic. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Magic characters chapter does address what happens to a character's divine Virtues and Flaws when the character becomes a Magic being (they're lost), but then that doesn't include True Faith. I don't think we covered that exact situation in The Divine, but then again I don't think it's possible to become a Divine being.

Die, be canonised. You'll become a saint, with the relevant divine might.
Not sure I'd want to try it, though :laughing:

Well, Iร‚ยดm not entirely sure on how to read it... I mean, the story seed says he accepted help from a church and was stripped of his powers, but then it goes to say if the characters decide to intervene they will realize he has magic powers, but also has True Faith...

Of course, it is only a story seed, not a hard and fast rule, so it has to be taken with a grain of salt. If at all.

Maybe he was stripped of his might, and received "human" (fatigue-consuming) version of his powers instead of the normal (might-consuming) one?