Trying to Find a Magus

I remember (perhaps wrongly?) seeing a magus in one of the books that has a horse familiar that's enchanted so that it can run on air. Unfortunately, I can't find the character even after spending an embarrassing amount of time flipping through every Ars book I own. Does anyone know where this character's write-up is?

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It is not exactly what you are looking for - but may be what you misremember slightly:
RoP:M p35 stats out (as an example) a horse that is a Magical Animal companion to a magus. The horse in question would very much like a charm that lets him travel through the sky, but his magus has not obliged him so far.

I don't think that's it. I'm not sure I've ever read Aeolus before, and the memory I have is of a magus whose write-up spreads over two pages, with his familiar on the second page. Thank you for pointing me to him, though.

I think you are recalling Hugh of Flambeau's familiar horse, Bathild. Check Magi of Hermes, page 47.


Yes! Thank you so much. That was driving me crazy.

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