Turning hair into shoes

I've created a magus, who is strong at Muto + Corpus, and willing to learn some more Animal.
As a Muto Corpus magus, he often ends up naked. He has a spell to create a robe (thanks to spellswiki), but he doesn't have boots.

I can see him plucking two hairs from his head (or spitting on the ground) and turning them into boots.

The problem:
There is no spellguideline for turning Corpus stuff (like hair) into boots. Which level would this spell be:
And is a pair of boots an individual, or do I have to cast the spell twice (going for group seems too expensive).

Hair to boot:
Turns a hair into shoe(s) that fit(s) the person that gave the hair.
Base ???, +1 Touch, +2 sun

On the one hand, this is the kind of spell that we see too rarely - not some big fireball, but something that a magus would need everyday (and which is often ignored by both storyguides and players), so I want it to be low level.
On the other hand, this spell has plenty of potential for abuse: If hair/spit can be turned into boots too easily, then a magus could also spit into his hand to create money, a horse, a lab etc.

The spell that tends to be used in these circumstances in our saga is:

Boots of the Beast, MuCo level 4
R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind
The soles of the caster's feet grow thick and callous, and he can walk barefoot on any terrain he could thread with thick leather boots.
Base 2: Change someone to give them a minor ability

This spell is sufficiently low level that it generally gets cast spontaneously, without fatigue. It still leaves one looking barefoot, but keep in mind that not wearing boots was not so unusual in the middle ages for poor people in relatively mild climates. The best remedy for the appearance of nakedness is probably a Muto Imaginem Level 3 or 4, that makes them look, and maybe feel (at a touch) dressed, tunic and all.

But ultimately, the basic idea is that when you shapeshift with Muto Corpus, you try to cast a spell with the casting requisites necessary to bring your stuff (clothes etc.) along, merging it into your new form -- so you do not need to disrobe when shapeshifting, and you are already dressed when turning back. If it's simple clothing, and you are turning into an animal, it's easy -- virtually your entire attire can be made of Animal products (leather, furs, wool, bone/ivory), and you already need Animal as a Requisite for the spell. If you are not as good at Animal and you like to shapeshift into other things -- say the elements -- you can always wear a tunic and a pair of boots made of human leather, sewn with human tendons -- and with a belt buckle made of human bone .

To actually create something from Corpus (which is, I believe, the question), I'd turn to the Animal guidelines, which are the closest analogy.

However, I personally find some of the spell effects using Animal Guidelines notably high in final magnitude. Apply The Central Rule (p 111) as your SG/your Troupe prefers.

Indeed yes.

I think the base would be 5. MuAn 5 is change, major, unnatural.

However, you introduce one major problem into the euqation... Size... A single hair turning into a shoe is a major size upgrade, this alone might be a base 4 or so spell.
Personally, i would be willing to handwave it and say somewhere around base 4-10 depending on the average power of the game and let that be fine. Still, a base 5 would make your spell level 20, not too bad.

I think Ezzelinos solution is probably better though. Could up it a bit and make the change so that it LOOKS like you´re wearing neat and pretty shoes, while it´s actually just your slightly enlarged and rather hardened feets with a bit of make up. :mrgreen:
That would give you a level 10 spell, a nice and easy low level formulaic.