Turpes' Saga: Chapter 1

The man shakes his head "As I said, we are far from the trade routes, and have learned to be quite self sufficient as a matter of necessity. You might find the odd desire here and there from an individual who aspires to have something this community cannot provide, but collectively we have no such needs or desires."

"I see. Then perhaps all I will gain from this trip will be memories of a pleasant place and people. Of course, if anyone has any desires, I might have something, or I could find them something and perhaps stop by to trade if my ship needs provisioning. Are there any particular places around here that would be memorable or interesting for a traveler to see?"

The man shrugs, but something about the gesture seems deceptive "Having lived here my whole life I could not say, everything here I have seen my whole life. "

Turpes smiles at him. "I have no wish to pry into your secrets, or be an ungracious guest; but if there is anything you live near, or with, that you wish you didn't... well, I may be young, but I've seen quite a bit for my years, and learned a trick or two, I might be able to help you. It seems a shame that you aren't free to gaze at the stars or enjoy a moonlit walk. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes the hole in a story can say more than the story itself."

His demeanor turns icy as he turns towards the door "We manage. I need to get back to the fields, I will see you this evening."

"My apologies." Turpes follows the headman. "Do you mind if I wander on my own?"

The man's shoulders slump "I cannot stop you, but be careful, and stay away from the community center. We wouldn't want any misunderstanding. The god of merchants is the god of thieves after all."

Turpes nods. "I understand. I will stay out of the village." He will head back out along the main road, and continue to walk around the perimeter, looking for anything on the island other than farmland and the village.

[What time of day is it, and how big is the island? He is being careful not to get stranded at sunset, but he might spend the night in the ship instead of the village, depending on how the geography works.]

It is roughly noon at this point, and the village takes up most of the clearing, but the woods beyond are extensive, you cannot see the shore from here and there are apparently paths going into the woods. Additionally there is a large hill through the woods further inland.

Turpes will head for the hill.

The path which heads towards the hill continues for a quarter mile to a stream which appears to be flowing from the direction of the hill.

He will inspect the water for any strange smells or properties, if nothing stands out he will dip his left hand in, magically inspecting the liquid.

[and roll 167 on a Spont InAq]

He is rewarded with an image of the river, flowing from a magical spring in the side of the hill but quickly becoming mundane as it reaches this level and follows a meandering course to the sea. He can sense the feet which have trod within the stream up to the magical spring under the light of the moon, and back down again after sunrise. He can also feel the animal energy which emanates from the spring instead of the expected aquam. The water itself is clear and clean, and safe to drink, and he also gets a catalogue of the plants and fish which dwell in the river.

If there are no particular dangers he senses along the stream, and he can make it with at least a couple of hours to spare before sunset, he will walk along the stream to its source.

You are able to travel up the stream in under an hour, arriving at the magical spring in a small clearing on a wooded hillside.

Turpes inspects the area magically

[Non fatiguing InVi to detect vis;
InVi 3 +1 Conc +2 Smell for regios]

There is not any vis here currently.

Regios? That was my roll, got a level 10 effect, breakdown above. Wasn't clear in separating, sorry

no regio either

Turpes takes a leaf from a tree that will give a good view of the clearing. He tests for a few minutes, just listening to the clearing. He tries one last spell, this one to detect the presence of animals [InAn 1, per/mom/sight, roll on discord].

[Edit: Also, how far is it back to the town and to his ship, and how much light is left?]