Turpes' Saga: Chapter 1

Turpes spends the fall of 1200 learning parma magica (SQ:21), and then the winter traveling and getting settled into a lab on board the Philomela (1 season setting up a basic lab while the Procne finished and tested for seaworthiness). Spring 1201 the fleet heads out to an exotic island...
anyone wanting to get grogs or companions involved before Turpes starts a Sinbad/Gulliver style adventure please do so...
provided the adventure takes less than 10 days (and with travel time occurring inside the lab this is likely) lab activities may be performed in parallel with adventures- but you cannot take experience from both in the same season.

Is there a covenant-related purpose behind visiting the island? Or just exploring/thrillseeking?

exploring and thrill seeking after being stuck in one place for a season.

Curious about the island, Turpes wakes at dawn to make preparations. Inside his laboratory, he casts several spells, taking a few minutes to rest between each casting, and doing some ceremonially.

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Aura of Ennobled Presence
Wizard's Sidestep
Personal/Sun Ward against Mundane Beasts
Personal/Sun Ward against Magic Creatures up to Might 20; Pen 18
Personal/Sun Ward against Faerie Creatures up to Might 20; Pen 17

After a couple of hours of magical preparation, he sets out. Not really sure what to expect, he just brings along two shield grogs, as he heads toward the center of the island.

The island sees to be wilderness, until you are 1/4 mile in, where you find a huge clearing and a small village surrounded by farmland.

Turpes will move clockwise around the perimeter looking for either a road or a space between fields where he can approach the village without walking directly across any crops; then approach the village.

He walks 1/3 of the way around before coming to a path through the fields into the village. He is see while circling by people working, planting in the fields.

He is not making a particular effort to be stealthy, though he will note any reactions. He will take the path into the village when he gets to it.

As you approach the village a man heads out to meet you, "Welcome traveler, we do not get many visitors in our village. I can lend you a room for the night, and if you have goods to trade we can see what you have to offer in the town square."

Turpes smiles pleasantly.

"Thank you. I am a trader, though right now I'm just exploring new opportunities, I don't have my goods with me. I'd love to take a look and see what you need and what you have to offer. I'm Constantine." He holds out his hand to shake.

[What language are they speaking? Some form of Greek, right? Does the fleet have goods for trade already, or not?]

They are speaking a local dialect of modern greek. The fleet has some trade goods, but they tend towards the exotic rather than the practical- You have a bolt of silk, a man sized figure carved from a dark, almost black, wood, a board game carved from ivory and jet, and a few other items of the like. On the other hand right now your regular stores, such as food, are brimming after visiting the shipyard and trading some of these exotic goods for covenant supplies.

Turpes will head into the town square and look around.

The town seems to be comprised almost entirely of houses. There is one central building which is an exception, and it appears to be split into a warehouse and town hall, but as you approach the head man is close by your elbow "The town hall really isn't in use right now, there is no point in going there and the warehouse is where we store our grain, and we would really need to object to strangers wandering in there." You notice that everyone has stopped working and is watching what you do next.

Turpes stops and turns. "I'm sorry, I thought you wanted me to go to the town square. It's not my intention to intrude."

"Of course, my house is this way." He leads you to one of the larger houses and begins to fix a meal for you "So tell me, a merchant with no goods to sell, so far from the normal trade routes, I feel there must be a very interesting story about how you have come to our island."

Turpes shrugs. "Well, I came on a ship; I explore the Aegean to find places new to me, partly because I like to see places I haven't before, but also to find opportunities as a trader. I took a walk into the island to meet the people who lived here, you certainly are very kind and hospitable; I didn't see the sense in bringing everything along until I'd made my introductions."

"Well, we can make introductions tonight when everyoneis finished in the fields, and you can bring the goods for trade in the morning then. I should warn you hat our island can be dangerous at night, so I would recommend you stay in the house after the sun sets."

"Dangerous? What sort of danger is there?"

"I cannot say directly, but the sounds you will hear tonight may give you some idea. When I was a child it was impressed upon me that those who wandered outside at night could disappear, though sometimes their bodies might be found later in the forest."

Turpes nods. "I see. I thank you for the warning, I will stay inside tonight. I also thank you for your hospitality. Is there anything your people produce or make that you have in excess? Is there anything you want but find lacking?"