Tweaking Feng Shui for 1850

I'm looking at running a game set in 1850's London using Feng Shui rules (minus the Junctions). There is already support for 1850's stuff in there, which is great, but it looks like I'd need to do some modifications.

  1. Gun Schticks. The 1850's still relied almost exclusively on black powder and muzzel loaders. There are some guns in the rules, but it looks like all the Gun Schticks would not work for the 1850s. I'll either need to come up with new ones, rework some existing ones, or just pitch out Gun Schticks entirely.

  2. Fu Powers. I'm imagining that Fu Powers will work fine, though for flavor I might want to go through and rename everything so that things fit in the theme. Eastern Boxing, Evasive Fighting, etc, rather than the HK Martial Arts names they currently have.

Anyone done something similar? Anyone have any tips to throw my way?

For the guns see if you can pick up a copy of BTRC's Guns, Guns, Guns book & More Guns Book. The Guns, Guns, Guns book is a set of design rules to make guns, melee weeapons, rockets, explosive weapons, rail guns, etc. from various time periods or from alternate earths, etc. It has a section on using the rules with Feng Shui & Nexus in the most current edition. The More Guns book is a listing of real world, speculative futuristic, & alternate reality weapons built using the Guns, Guns, Guns book with the conversion notes plugin for many game systems. Since More Guns came out before the Feng Shui & Nexus existed you won't find any of the weapons written up for them, but you have all the data so you can just plug in the Guns, Guns, Guns conversion notes to get stats for many real world weapons that you can use.

If you don't have Golden Comeback & the Guiding Hand Sourcebook get them.

Golden Comeback has some info on fencing in it & non-asian fightin styles in it and some other rules you may find helpful.

The Guiding Hand Sourcebook has a big listing of additional 1850s weapons in it.