Twilight effects and Talismans and Familiars

After a Mage gets a bit of a Warping score, when they go into Twilight, what happens to their Talisman and/or Familiar?

A Talisman and Familiar should both be permanent arcane connections to a magus, so do they get dragged into Twilight along with the magus (assuming the mage was not holding either of them)? If not, are they still an arcane connection to wherever the magus has gone?

Also, after a Bjornaer mage goes into Final Twilight and becomes a Great Beast, what happens with their Talisman, assuming they made one. Can the Great Beast use it (and the enchantments in it)? Want to destroy it because it is an arcane connection? Would it still be an arcane connection after Final Twilight happens?

Against the Dark says that House Tremere stockpiles old Talismans and lends them out to members of the House, so presumably some talismans must stick around if they weren't on the magus when they went into Twilight.

Are they still an arcane connection to where the magus has gone? It depends on where you think they go, as this isn't settled in 5th edition canon. RoP:Magic mentions this in the "Is This Twilight?" box on page 24. Passing into the twilight void degrades all arcane connections except Indefinite ones, so talisman and familiar bonds should still exist. However, without special breakthroughs you wouldn't be able to use these connections usefully.

Thanks for pointing to the Tremere collecting old Talismans.
Assuming the Tremere only collect Tremere talismans, it tends to suggest that the Talismans of Magi of other Houses might be littering the Hermetic landscape.
Is there any reference as to how easy it is to use the enchantments in somebody else's Talisman if you happen to lay hands on it? Presumably a season of lab investigation may be in order first.

No familiars rarely out-live their mage by much, but does that count for Final Twilight? Or even a Twilight episode where the mage disappears for 7 years?

I think Talisman carried or by the magus are brought along into the Twilight, temporary or Final.

Talismans left behind should be around, and they could be interesting due to the potentially large vis capacity. And they could contain some powerful effects, although the +5 lab total for enchanting effects into a talisman isn't really they revolutionary.
They could also be largely useless if the original owner had enchanted a lot of R:Per effects which would affect him but not other users. IIRC there is a device in TtA "Spear of the Armsman" originally created as a Talisman listed as having some of the pawns of space filled in use by effects useless to subsequent users.

As for Familiars I don't recall any rulings or mention of they joining the magus in Twilight or not. If a Familiar usually dies around the same time of the magus, the death of a Familiar of a magus in a prolonged Twilight episode might indicate the Twilight is Final and not just very, very long.

As for magi Bjornaer becoming Greats Beasts I don't recall anything about how much they remember of who they were before, or if they are concerned about their old Talisman.

Canaaite necromancy in Ancient magic is considered the only way to contact spirit of deceased people, even after Christian burial and without Arcane connection. So it means there is still "something" lingering after one passing in the afterlife.
Does it applies as well to Twilight ? It is point that I believe is left unanswered to leave opportunity for each ST to use it as they see fit for their Saga.