Twilight granting a spell : How to select the Arts

Ave sodales,

When a Maga understand a Twilight épisode she can learn a free spell (with same magnitude as gained warp points).

How do you choose the Arts for that spell ? Does it have to be the same as those of the spell which launched the disaster and Twilight episode ?

Do you prefer picking any other fiting the character concept ?
Couldn’t it be linked to its Twilight origin by some cosmetic effects ? Any ideas ?

Can such a spell provide some effects the hermetic theory cannot do such invoking nutrishing food, having uncommon range/duration/target, etc...
Studying such spells could lead to hermetic breakthroughs.

There is what it can do and what it will do.
It can, in theory do anything. I would judge it is more likely to do things that are understood by hermetic theory and related to how they arrived in twilight. Now someone researching visless casting of the Hyperborean traditions might well have a concept of a spell that can provide nutritious meals and thus be more likely to receive such a spell- especially if they already have insight for it. But what can happen is whatever the storyteller feels is appropriate to the magnitude of the twilight.

We always go for a spell of the same Tech and Form as the one causing the Twilight. We've rarely (if ever) seen Twilights from other sources than spells. it could happen when using a Supernatural Ability, studying vis, lab experiments, caused by a nasty CrVi spell cast on you etc.

And we always go for something relevant to the situation. If many Warping points are gained it'll be a high magnitude spell, and we ofte extend Range, Duration and Target much om an already existing spell. Often the character can't even cast. But that'll teach ya' to mess with magic.

We used to (often, not always) grant virtues for positive Twilight episodes, but that has rather fallen out of popularity for some reason.

Maybe we don't roll high enough anymore on the simple die for additional Warping points? If you don't gain 7+ Warping you don't get this option.

Also, I seem to recall that Virtues are notoriously difficult do decide upon, if they need to somehow be connected to the circumstances for the Twilight, to the spell Botched.
But I agree that Virtues are more fun than just more exp in an Art, however practical that is. Sometimes I miss the Increased Understanding of 4th ed Twilights.

I think that the overwhelming consideration is going to be what spell would bring the most fun to the game. So I'd consider

How it fits with the twilight episode a spell that really resonates with how it was found adds a lot to the story

How useful it will be to the character, if they get a spell that they never choose to cast then we've waisted an opportunity

How likely it is to add fun complications to game play, something brutally efficient that bypasses stories is going to be less fun than something intriguing that creates them. If you want to run mystery stories for that character in the future don't give them peering into the mortal mind that rips mystery to shreds, instead give them something that will lead them into more stories like a target hearing spell that makes the emotion of envy make noise like a songbird (I don't know, I just made that up perhaps it's not a good idea).

Indeed. Last Twilight episode only granted 4 warp points. That isn’t enough for a virtue. My players and I do favorise new virtues of course. Virtues grant unique and fun options. The Flambeau Maga gained “Immune to flames” and “Heal the burnt flesh by hand touch”. The Merinita choose spontaneous hair change following actual mood. The Ex Miscellanea had Feast of blood, allowing him to replace water and food needs by drinking blood.

Though a Maga may have a considerable amount of virtues at 100 years...