Twilight virtue for a Flambeau Maga

Ave Sodales,

One of my player-character (a Flambeau Maga) fall into Twilight (casting an abyssal ball of fire, what else) and fully understand that journey into twilight (with 7 points above the Twilight difficulty).
She wins 12 distorsion points at a time which seems big enough to win a supernatural Virtue.

I have no clue which Virtue it should be. Any idea would be great.
Hypnosis ? Shapeshifting ? Isn't it something more Flambeau-esque ?

Greater Immunity to Fire comes to mind at once.

A variant of Greater Purifying Touch that allows him to heal burns.

Magical Warder (from RoP:M p.46) for a fire spirit or creature that now protects him. Could be a dragon or an elemental.

Greater Power (from RoP:M p.44) giving him a power similar to a magic creature related to fire, such as the Torrent of Fire power of the Fire Drake (RoP:M p.75).

She chose the "cure the burnt area without applying cold water" thing, thanks for the advice !