Twilight Virtue suggestion

So in my game last night we had a massive twilight happen. A Twilight-prone magi experienced a double botch while casting an Intellego vim spell (Restore the Faded Sigil) from a casting tablet. When all was said and done, he received 11 warping points from the experience.

He spent a confidence point and successfully comprehended the twilight.

I decided that the most appropriate thing was to grant some form of virtue for this experience; something tied to Intellego, Vim or both. 11 warping puts it in the range for a Major Virtue.

So we were sitting around trying to come up with one, and got stumped. What major Virtues would be appropriate here? A Major Magical Focus would be appropriate (he has effectively no focus now), but in what?

Well, as something which is thematicaly appropriate to an InVi spell, how about Comprehend Magic from HoH:S? A Minor Magical Focus in magic detection (InVi, Magic realm only) might also work, especially if coupled to some XP in the arts.

Second sight

Well, the warping total was high enough to justify a major virtue, so second sight and a minor focus are both a bit... stingy, but I suppose there is nothing preventing handing out multiples.

One thing we discussed was possibly a focus in metamagic. Would that be major or minor is this forum's opinion?

I'd say Major if not more since that's effectively a focus is MuVi in its entirety and some ReVi and might be a little potent, really.

Tame Magic is the Metamagic major virtue(HoH:TL). It would be tough not to put Feddered Magic and the other minor flaw that could represent a imperfect understanding of metamagic.

My first thought was personal vis source of Intelligo but it is not major.

Hi, Why not a resume of the three virtues? Second Sight, Minor Focus in the matter of the spell botched and a Intellego personal vis source in the tears or something, like a resume of the virtues in one.

Considering it was intellego vim, or I perceive magic, perhaps as a major virtue: Secondary Insight for an understanding of magic in general.

It was an InVi botch that caused the Twilight which he comprehended, right? How about something that indicates a greater understanding of magic? Flawless Magic maybe? Or, building off of Mario's suggestion of combining three minor virtues; for the Second Sight option you can combine it with Puissant Second Sight and an Affinity with Second Sight.

LOL. Nice idea. Unfortunately the magi in question already has it. :slight_smile:

The botch is in InVi, so anything "Muto" related would not, imo, be approp.

A couple thoughts - one, I like to personalize such virtues, to the magus/maga in question. What other virutes/flaws do they have? What is their "theme", if any?

Then, the actual spell effect that triggered the Twilight can be considered - spin off of that, and it's more personalized to the event, rather than a "generic" InVi result like a (second?) focus or whatever.

Lastly, I like to go outside the book - rather than go shopping down the virtues, I'd rather create something unique, based on the event and this magus, as Twilight effects (imo) should only rarely be duplicated between magi or events.

So... how about a Power? Come up with an InVi effect that the mage can use "at will" (similar to that part of the Mythic Blood virtue), or, if the effect is truly powerful, at the cost of one fatigue. InVi effects are often not very useful below 7th mangitude or so, and are broken up into many sub-spells - for items, for effects, for creatures, for each Realm within that, for vis, for regios - by the time you're done, you'd need scores of different spells to cover every corner of it, and that's before you start to get extra magnitudes for extra information. So giving them one will hardly dent the InVi depths (and might add an information spell to make later stories flow better!)

Take the spell "effect" s/he was casting, modify it to the appropriate magnitude (SG/Troupe judgement - see "similar" spell, but don't be a slave to it), and turn it into a Power - one fatigue, go crazy. Maybe a narrow group of effects, if you want a truly impressive Power.

Or, if you want to mess with them, give them something "small" - too small, like some petty minor virtue. PLUS a "Latent Magical Ability" that will only be noticed later - something that works automatically, or randomly until they get control of it (RP'd, or sim to an Ability).

(Level 11 botch - love to see the look on that face!)

-major focus: restore things like damage, illness, poisoning, magical aging, memories, shapeshifted form and other effects of muto spells.
-major focus: magical investigation and hiding (spell traces, sigils, detect magic)
-he gets another sigil (resembling somehow to the circumstances of the botch) and he can use any of them anytime
-mercurian magic because he did a ceremonial thing
-he may get the used spell with level 2-3 mastery skill. (yes, I know this is not a virtue) alternatively he can use this spell at will like mythic blooded persons do.
-a mystery virtue if suitable
-he gets a skill at level 1 and if he rolls 9+ he finds out the sigil linked to the target spell.
-any general effect like secondary insight, flawless magic may be suitable

Hermetic divination from Mysteries revised?

Good idea! :slight_smile: