two more gloom questions

I have a question about the play of two different cards. The first is the Traveler's Troubles. you pick your cards accordingly, then it says play any or all of these cards. We had a debate about this one, I think it is clear, it says play any or all, but everyone else in the group said that you could not play death cards if you drew them?

The 2nd card is A cunning play, and actually this question would apply to several other similar cards. It says you may play one additional card this round, so for example you have made your first play, then you play this event card and play one more card? or do you make you first and second plays, then play this event card giving you one more additional play? The confusion for me is that it seems that if the event card itself is counted as a play, then really the only reason to play it is to get rid of it, since you could have played the "additional card" that you play without ever playing this card in the first place.

To answer the first, the group I play with all agree that when the card says play any card of several gotten by whatever means, that is what it means. So yes, you should be able to play an untimely death if it was one such card.

That actually answers the second question as well. I do not have my cards in front of me for the extact wording, but to my recollection, these types of events are there to allow you to cheat and play an untimely death after you have made your first play. These cards are excellent for ending the game at the time that is best for you. You can play negative pathos points as your first play, play the event as your second, and then kill the now negative house member. Just beware the cards that allow another player to cancel your event or any card as it is being played.