Two weapon fighting?

Can it be done in ArM? I couldn't find any rules for this...

How should it be handled?
My thoughts were, that the second weapon could give the option for a second attack at a penalty or be used as a shield (if it's defense mod. is higher than the weapon in the primary hand).
Would that work?

It's probably anachronistic, even for Saracens, but invaluable for combatants who want to catch their opponent's eye.

This is what the forum reveals:

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Didn't some Franks (before the Middle Ages) use axes in each hand? The used both to strike in melee, and they could thrown one, and still be armed. Also, I think there should be rules for this. Even though few regular warriors used a weapon in each hand in the middle ages, I'll bet many individuals did it, if only for a moment in battle. Say, your shield breaks apart. A secondary weapon in skilled hands would be useful as a defense. :slight_smile:

But, I'm hoping for a book similar to Ordo Nobilis for the 5th edition. Please, please, can we have one of those? :slight_smile:



Dualwielding generally is a bad idea for the battlefield(exceptions have existed historically but are rare), but in more individualistic fighting, two weapons have probably never been anachronistic.
Just not common, as its very hard to be good with it.

Personally i totally LOVE playing with twin pistols. :smiling_imp:
I prefer leaving the dualwielding of Sai, Tonfa and other stuff to someone else though, too painful practising to any useful level. :mrgreen:

The Mamluk Emir Companion Template on pg 119 of Realms of Power: The Divine has "Two Long Swords" as his chosen specialty in the Single Weapon ability and the accompanying Combat Stats.

Unfortunately, there is no breakdown of how these stats were accomplished given anywhere in the book. You could probably reverse engineer the character with a bit of effort though...

Another reason to have rules for this is that some Magi, especially Flambeau, might use two weapons or two-handed weapons, with the addition of an enchanted, flying kite shield hovering around him, protecting him against attacks. Now there is an interesting concept right there. The scary warrior draws two weapons, and his shield just flyes off his back on it's own to protect him. Something for that one school of Flambeau Magi.. I can't remember it's name right now. :slight_smile:


They were achieved through the magic of approximation. :slight_smile: I don't have my copy to hand, but IIRC I included the actual weapon stats underneath.

Mamluks' use of this sort of fighting technique is historically attested. In fact, they were famous for their skill with it.

Edit: Having checked, I can now confirm that the weapon stats are indeed in the book below the character stats.