Types of verditius

trying to get a sense of the the types of mage-crafters out there and trying to imagine what that Mystery Cult would look like. Based on the various 3rd, 4th and 5th ed products there seem to be

Stone masons
Blacksmiths (including various weapon makers and such)
Woodworkders (carvers, joiners, cabinet makers, and the like) - never
Glass maker
Music instrument makers
Book makers (illuminators, ink makers, paper makers, binders)
Weavers (furriers, fullers, cloths makers)

Any others that would fit a medieval milieu?

Certainly a cooper would but doesn't seem such like a magical craft skill that a VErditius mage would purse (watch how I now make a barrel to keep pickles fresh forever!). Would Apothocary be an appropriate "craft skill"?

Could a Verditius mage be a master of engines (steam and otherwise)? Does this fit into the medieval paradigm. Maybe Heroe of Alexandria and steam engines and the like?

What would a tinker do (what exactly is covered by this craft)?

Could a Verditius mage specialize in things that aren't crafts but more like profession that involve a variety of crafts such as shipbuilder, architect, engineer, a specialist in hydrallics? Did the medieval paradigm actually have architects (apart from masons) or engineers.

According to Guardians of the Forests, there's at least one shipbuilder Verditius in Lübeck. I would assume that there are a few others on various mediterranean islands.

Hydraulics sounds more one-off-"mad inventor"-ish. But the romans certainly knew how to build aqueducts and intricate piping, fountains, etc etc. So it's not all that far-fetched.


A cook, toymaker, carpenter, engineer (they did exist), gardener, alchemist. What's a whitesmith?

The cook and alchemist are a bit interesting in that he can make a wide assortment of potion type enchanted items. If he took a magical focus of potions he could make huge doses most likely.

You could of course make a much more 'wizardly' Verditius. Give him Potent Magic of some kind, as well as taking other virtues and flaws that tie his magic to wands. All of his spell focuses would be wands of different kinds and he'd naturally make a very powerful wand for his personal talisman.

They handle tin, I believe.

jewler, tailor, potter... locksmith, cheesemaker, knitter, embroider, lacemaker... tapestry maker, leather worker, spinner (of yarn), candlemaker...

Thanks for the types

A whitesmith is a smithy working a light colored metal, usually tin, sometimes sikver and pewter. A whitesmith may also etch, engrave, polish or otherwise make metals shiny.

Hadn't thought about cooks, gardners or cheesemakers. Can envision a cook or gardner, but cheesemaker? What's the shape and materials bonus? Probably having something to do with smell and curds.

According to The Boondocks, cheese would give a + 4 Controll Rich White Men. :slight_smile: