Ua3 character creation

eah. I'm a good way into building the random seed character generator, and the build process being split between two books is throwing up some stuff.

Does an adept identity come with features?
Can you take supernatural identity AND an avatar identity?
Can you take two avatar identities?
Can an identity have two supernatural features? Can it have one basic and one supernatural?
Can two skills substitute for the same skill?
Identity features are split into basic and supernatural - Why is Cast Ritual presented as basic not supernatural?
And then things like spend 120 points into one-four identities, but don't go over 90. - Why not be accurate and say two-four identities?

Done. This is not as good as group creation but works faster than the 20 step process. ... p=drivesdk

People are invited to my house again this Tuesday to work on character creation stuff. We will be starting around 6:30 or 7. Please let me know if you will be there and if you plan on eating with us.