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Salve Sodalis

I'm an ars player in the UK and finding it somewhat hard to purchase the books online. Amazon has a very poor selection.

Can anyone recommend a place online to get the books.

And just to clarify, I'm talking about the hard copies. I'd prefer to purchase in a local friendly gaming store of course but this is a gift buying option for someone who has limited mobility and might not be able to get to the shops.

Well, check your Amazon isn't defaulting to They have a different stock list to

There's also

Where in the UK are you based?

I know fanboy 3, the FLGS in manchester, stocks the majority of the AM5 books.

I get all mine from IGUK ( Both have given excellent service

You beat me to it. I use them both. If anything, I've found that Leisure Games seems quicker getting the books in, if that's a factor.

Thanks chaps, problem solved.

BlackLiger, Fanboy 3 is indeed my FLGS and when I'm in town I usually pop in to browse. This is so that someone less mobile can purchase the books online.

Cheers all

I´ll add Spirit games to the mix ... tagno=6482
As they´re the best that i have ordered "abroad" from myself.

First time i ordered from them in the late 90s, i was very surprised when the package arrived just 3 days later, with a small note included that he had managed to get it sent with airmail without extra charge. :mrgreen:

Purchasing from a US store only spells trouble for an EU buyer, if often gets napped in customs and gets expensive.

I've bought from Orc's Nest in London but much prefer Infinity Games, as someone before me mentioned earlier.