As you probably guessed by the title, as well as my total post count, I'm new in these parts. I've had the books for a while now, and I've read through some parts of most of them, focusing on those pieces that truly interested me up front, with a note that I will at some point go back and finish the stuff that I skipped over. And I have to say that everything I've read is awesome and intriguing...and makes me wish I had a RL group to actually play with. Unfortunately, as things would work out, that is not an option. Which is why I'm here.

I have come here to chew bubble gum...

No, sorry about that. Sometimes I can't help but drop movie lines into conversations. What I'm here for is to meet new people, and, assuming all goes right, play in an awesome saga where I can have a character do amazing magical things!

Great to hear that you've been reading stuff. Sorry it took so long to say "hi" back.

Hi to everyone out there. I am new to this blog can anyone suggest me ideas for my spoken english classes.