(un)Finished characters

I am making and posting this list both for organization and clarity- there have been times in the past where a player thought a character finished but I did not for one reason or another (frequently simple miscommunication), as well as times I had thought a character finished then realized I had not fully reviewed it.

Justinia ex Miscellania (maga exasperated cultist): unfinished
Garcin (grog Kuiti Itijin): finished
Ismael (grog Kuiti Itijin): finished
Galiana the Joglaressa (Companion exasperated cultist): unfinished
Frederic Ex Flambeau "The Protector" (mugus Flavius): at gauntlet - finished?
Bavol (grog Kingjawa): finished
Navisus ex Criamon (magus jebrick): unfinished (at gauntlet, indicated further advancement not yet completed)
Penko (grog Kuiti Itijin):finished
Master Paphos (mythic companion Kuiti Itijin): finished
David the redcap (companion JoelHalpern): finished
Patrice (grog:kingjawa): finished
Antonius Ex Bonisagus (JeanPatrick):finished
Tomas Ex Bonisagus (JoelHalpern): finished
Nicolae Radu (companion JeanPatrick): finished
Zoltan (Grog JoelHalpern): finished
Henri (Grog JoelHalpern): finished
Asha (grog joelhalpern): finished
Vincente (Grog JeanPatrick): finished
Madaleen (Grog JeanPatrick): finished