Unaging and terminal crises

A strange issue that came up in our games. With the Unaging Virtue, " If a crisis is not potentially fatal, you suffer no ill effects. If it is potentially fatal, you die if you fail the Stamina roll, but otherwise nothing happens."

Now, a terminal crisis involves no Stamina roll. This means that with Unaging, you automatically avoid terminal aging crises! I suggested this should be addressed in the errata (having terminal aging crises automatically kill an unaging character). But I was curious about your thoughts!

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The issue is, which (ArM5 p.170) Crisis is "potentially fatal" in the sense of (ArM5 p.50) Unaging.

A "Terminal illness" from the ArM5 p.170 Aging Table might not be seen as "potentially fatal", but just as "terminal". So Unaging does not help to survive it.

Note also, that all illnesses (Minor to Terminal) from the Aging Table can be resolved by CrCo magic of an appropriate level (better listed in ArM5 p.130 box CrCo Guidelines). Unaging should not enforce rolling Stamina instead of benefiting from appropriate CrCo magic, or should it?

But if it's not potentially fatal, then you suffer no ill effects, so Unaging would still guarantee you survive. That's the same result as it being potentially fatal and having no roll. Ezzelino is correct about the logical issue. Easily solved as requested in the errata thread, though.

Except that it is potentially fatal, you just can't survive without the help of a supernatural agency. If a magus resolves the crisis through a ritual then voila, you survived, therefore there was only a possibility of death. A really freaking strong possibility, but a possibility.

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Add this to the errata thread!

It was put there yesterday.

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