Unaging - Initiation Script

Whats a good initiation script for gaining the Unaging Virtue?

Maybe 5 ranks in Cult Lore, help someone make their LR, then spend a season making the highest level LR you can make for yourself, then dispel it, gaining warping.

I've always liked various forms of symbolic rebirths for initiations.

a extended pilgrimage could also a good way for a initiation script to gain Unaging.
(After all unaging not extend your live it just improve the quality of your live till you die)

For time and place: Midwinter (rebirth of sun) or summer in the far north (longest days possible) resonate nicely.
For quest: trying to see a phoenix get reborn; questing for a fountain of youth; a ceremonial descent into the underworld followed by rising up again; finding an ancient whale and persuading it to part with a secret.

I'd tend to look towards creatures that had extremely long lifespans in medieval mythos rather than symbols of death and rebirth for the Unaging Virtue.

Three examples come to mind off the top of my head: Turtles/Tortoises, Elephants, and Trees.

A pair of quests - one to find the relevant animal/tree of Virtue, and another to perform some task for it, in exchange for a secret or Fruit - would be a nice pair of Quests for an Initiation script. The spirits of the forests in GotF (p.34) are explicitly noted as being able to grant the Virtue.

Your question needs some context to give you really good answers. The script will be very different for a Bonisagus Mystery Cult than a Tytalus magus.

Stealing from the wonderful suggestions above....

Bonisagus Mystery Cultist
This initiatory script was found in the ruins of a proto-laboratory unearthed in the Roman Tribunal. Secundus of Bonisagus is a Mystic-archaeologist and is excited, in his dry way, for the discovery and looks forward to additional decades to discovery magical secrets. He must initiate himself as he has no mystagogue to guide him. After two seasons of work he has developed the script he will follow based on the ancient Mecurian texts (Minor Unknown EF 18).

First he makes what the mystics once called a Longevity Potion, but he uses the modern Longevity Ritual, for his greatest of adversaries; in this case that plagiarizing bastard Heraclitus of Bonisagus of the Theban tribunal (Sacrifice (vis) +1, and Time +2). He has to make sure that Heraclitus uses it, and spends a dreary season in Greece forcing the ingrate into accepting it (Quest +3).

He then makes his own longevity potion and brings it to the one of the Roman temples during Easter where he sacrifices it (Sacrifice and Specific Place +3), the original author spoke of pour the Potion out as a libation to the Gods during Parentalia, but Easter has taken the power of that holiday and Secundus' longevity ritual is based around his CrTe skills and always take the shape of beautiful crystals with glowing inner light. He smashes on the floor of the temple.

There he reads the ancient prayers that entreat the gods Mercury and Jove to bring him to their table so that he may feast at the food immortality. He feels the magic take hold of him, but he gains what he knows is a susceptibility to Aurum (Minor Ordeal + 3, Limited Magic Resistance- Aurum) as he has opened himself up for the Chief God's judgement (lightening) he of course tells no one of this! He makes a roll of his new Mercurian Cult Magic (Lost Initiations) +1(+1) adding his prodigious Intelligence +3.

EF: 18
Bonuses: +3, +3, +3, +3, = +12 + 5 (Ability and Attribute) = 17 + Stress Die

Like most old Initiation scripts this one is probably too powerful, but he is guaranteed to succeed.

EDIT: A Tytalus Titanoi cultist with a skilled mystagogue would probably find the whole experience easier, and more rational than the cobbled together Bonisagus ritual above. The context and source of an initiation script matters more than just pulling resonances and picking dates.