Unaging Virtue: errata?

Hi all!

My pdf copy of the AM Core book for 5th, which is probably 2nd ed (sorry, couldn't locate where it specified, other than Digital version 1.0) lists Unaging in p. 38 as a Minor General Virtue, yet in page 50 it's listed in the description as Minor, Supernatural.

Is it General or Supernatural? In any case it's something to add to the Errata page, but am unclear who to contact.

Seeing as looking the same age and not visibly aging is counter to normal human experience in the pre-plastic surgery era, I'd say it should be supernatural.

Mostly agree, seems designed as a supernatural virtue. I could argue that healthy living and good diet and good genes could keep you looking young... but...

implies a bit of supernatural to it as well. I will point out 'Faerie Blood' has the exact same problem.

If you want it to be a problem for players make it supernatural, otherwise like Giants Blood keep it general. Supernatural will raise the difficulty in opening arts and can be lost.