Undemanding Applications of Illusion: Spells for moderation

The new imaginem rules are fantastic fun ... I could probably invent variations on these simple, fun spells all day! Here are a few that I thought were amusing / useful.

Undemanding Applications of Illusion: Narius of Merinita

The Subtle Scent of the Fresh Kill CrIm 5
Designed to be used upon animals, this spell creates the smell of a freshly killed hind within range. Predators merely searching for food are likely to be distracted by such a scent, and possibly spend effort trying to locate the illusionary prey.
Once trapped in a tree, Narius describes how he employed this spell to distract a group of wolves that appeared interested in having him for dinner. Presented with a more available and tempting ‘offer’ the wolves departed long enough for him to climb down and rejoin his companions. (Note: the animals usually give up looking for the source of the scent long before the duration of the spell ends; though the smell might attract other animals over time).
[B: 1, R: Voice +2, D: Sun +2, T: Individual]

Foul Whispers of the Demonic Voice CrIm 10
The target of this spell will hear a dark voice whispering in his left ear. Anyone close to the target may also hear the words, though the Storyguide may ask for Perception + Awareness rolls. The whispering continues for the duration of the spell.
Narius describes two uses of this spell; firstly to frighten (or even incriminate) mundanes who have crossed him, and secondly to subtly communicate with grogs when separated by a fair distance. For the latter, he suggests, some forewarning is useful.
[B: 1, R: Sight +3, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual, Intelligible speech +1]

The Phantasmal Phantom CrIm 15
This creates the sensation of a cold hand that gently caresses the target’s cheek or face. The hand cannot be seen, but can be directed by the caster to prod, stroke or slap (though no damage is caused) the intended victim.
Narius describes how he used this spell to drive mundanes away from a faerie pool they were fishing in. By multiple applications, the victims of this spell came to believe that the place was haunted and left in a hurry.
[B: 1, R: Sight +3, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual, Move under command +2]

Momentary Glimpse of the Hag MuIm 5
This very simple spell causes the target’s face to appear old and wrinkled, with white eyes and jagged, black teeth, for a fraction of a second. Perception + Finesse rolls are occasionally required for a more subtle effect.
Waiting for two people to be in conversation, Narius describes the use of this spell. The victim’s companion is treated to a disturbing flash of a hideous contortion of the victim’s face. At the very least they may become somewhat suspicious or frightened of the target. Narius particularly liked to cast this spell on love rivals, so that the object of his desire could see their true ugliness, if only for a second.
[B: 1, R: Sight +3, D: Momentary, T: Part +1]

The Illusionary Seal MuIm 10
Cast upon a door, the illusion creates the visual and physical impression of a continuous wall. If a person is simply examining the surface of the wall (e.g. looking for a secret entrance they will ‘feel’ a wall there. The wall is, of course, illusionary – and a person can simply walk through it; if they can find the handle of the door. The Storyguide might ask for Perception + Finesse rolls if the wall is particularly complex or ornate.
Narius once ‘locked’ a person in an unlocked room for a month with this spell. He finds it perplexing that most mundanes do not question what they see. The prisoner in question died of thirst, but Narius displays no sympathy towards someone so “lacking in imagination”.
[B: 2, R: Touch +1, D: Moon +3, T: Individual]

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