Understanding Faerie Wizardry


I've been reading up on ROP: Faerie for the sake of a player who wants to play a Merinita Magus. I'm having some difficulty understanding Faerie methods and powers. I would have imagined that they work very similarly to Infernal Maleficia, and Dominion Holy Magic. However, The guidelines for faerie forms don't differentiate between methods like they do in the Infernal. For example; What are the differences between an Evocation/Conjure power, and an Enchantment/Conjure power? Other than "how the power comes to be," I don't see why A HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR power is strictly a Empathy/Conjure power, and not an Evocation/Conjure power.

Am I missing something here, or is there a method to these method/form combinations?

The guidelines for the powers aren't NEARLY as helpful as they are for Maleficia in ROP: Infernal...

Page 122, middle column, last line of first paragraph (normal text, not in the box)

"Note that any Method can be used with any Power, so that the only difference between them is the means which the character can bring about the effect".

So you can use any Method to achieve the effect of a given Power. You just do it with different ways. :slight_smile: I think that the Beguile/Evocation whatever thingy is just for ambience. reasons. A beguile Weal and a Empathy Weal effect can do the same.


Ah! It appears that I HAVE missed it!

Thanks, Xavi! :smiley:

I wanted to make the various Methods and Powers feel related, like they all came from the same type of magic, but work differently to represent their particular realms. Divine is the most rigid, with the Methods only working with specific Powers, while Faerie is the loosest, with the Methods basically being interchangeable. Since Sympathy Traits are so important to the individual effects, the Faerie Methods are really only how the wizard's tradition shows through.

...and it works nicely, too. In fact, it is far easier to invent new Faerie wizardry powers this way. My frustration stemmed from the fact that for some reason, I missed that little tidbit about methods being available for any powers at all. I didn't mean to give offense.