unGifted Redcaps and Advancement

Salve y'all,

My search fu has turned up nothing - are there guidelines for how much time Redcaps spend doing their thing? That is, is an unGifted Redcap spending two seasons a year "working" like normal schmucks, during which they get Exposure experience, or do they get all four seasons to advance, or...? My wife needs to know. :slight_smile:


And short of canonical info, I'd be happy to take suggestions. :confused:


Page 48, core book. Redcap, social status, virtue, major.

Says you must spend 2 seasons per year delivering messages for the order, but your other 2 seasons are genuinely free and you may do whatever you wish.

Well, that was easy. I figured it was hiding in plain sight, and the Virtue was I think the one thing I didn't think to look at! :blush:


Glad I could help. I thought it seemed a familiar question.

There's also the "Lone Redcap" Virtue in True Lineages, which basically allows the character his own time to do whatever he likes at the expense of the House supporting him, though if he doesn't spend at least one season a year working as a Redcap he might get kicked out. This is ideal, I think, for Redcaps with the Wealthy Virtue who aren't supported by a covenant, or for Redcaps that are fully supported by a covenant and want that extra season for study. :slight_smile: