Unique Ability for Warrior Magus?

I know, I know, I shouldn't support special snowflake syndrome (also, alliterations are awesome) but we want a change of pace, so I'm giving my players some unique and powerful abilities for their magi, as a result of their being the chosen as "Draconic Heralds" by some dragon-like daimons. Anyway, I'm having trouble coming up with a good benefit for the Flambeau knight-like magus. For reference of what I'm balancing towards, here are the other benefits I'm intending to give, based on the desires of the players and my own considerations:
Draconic Herald of the Forge: Dragoncraft, an ability that can be used as a substitute for any other Craft at a -1 penalty, and which adds to her lab totals when enchanting items she physically made herself.
Draconic Herald of the Aether: Armor Form, it lets him assume or discontinue the form of an animated suit of armor at will, which can otherwise be used much the same way as a Heartbeast (including not being able to be dispelled and not causing Warping), and at a future point he'll become able to add Powers to the armor form.
Draconic Herald of the Will: Will Focus, basically an especially wide Mentem focus, which relates to controlling, granting, and transferring the will of intelligent creatures. So she'd get a bonus to mentally dominating creatures, or moving minds (or, as discussed recently, parts of minds) around, plus controlling spirits (though that sort of goes with the first one). That sort of thing.
Draconic Herald of the Beast: Improved Inner Heartbeast, pretty self-explanatory, it won't come into play as quickly as everyone else's, but that's actually how the player prefers it.
Draconic Herald of the Bondage: Bodily Enchantment, basically like Inscription on the Soul, except it's all-body rather than body-or-soul, she can do it to people other than herself, and it's obviously not limited to Talismans.

So, yeah. Given those comparative abilities, what would be something good for the guy who wants to play the knight-like Flambeau, who uses magic to supplement martial combat rather than focusing on magical combat? Perhaps some sort of weird "martial enhancement" focus? But that seems too subjective, like it would require the magic itself to be making judgments... Hm. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Maybe the ability to assume a dragon-man form with enhanced physical characteristics and better soak?

Or maybe the ability to enchant weapons for increased effectiveness, like Vitkir can.

Greater Immunity (fire, iron) seems very draconic.

So would powers similar to InIm25 Eyes of the Eagle. I assume you've looked at the RoP:M p38-9 powers too.

It doesn't really need to be dragon-themed, despite the daimons' natures as dragons. I'm more just worried about it being something useful to his concept that's balanced against the other benefits I'm giving.

Maybe I'm missing something, but your examples don't appear to balanced with eachother

I think they're balanced in the roughest approximation of balance this game is capable of without having them be identical. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I suppose maybe I could add a bit to the Will Focus and Bodily Enchantment? Hm... I dunno shrug

A Flambeau should easily be able to take care of themselves in physical combat, but what about the grogs he leads? An individual combat poer seems more Tremerish to me, but Flambeau screams leadership. A top tier leadership ability could be granting extra soak/wound levels to his trained group, or maybe even weak magic resistance?

You do understand how wildly dangerous "Dragoncraft" is, yes?

It's a healthy lab total boost for enchanted items that will probably keep her a few steps ahead of non-specialist Verditius of the same age. It's powerful, especially once it gets pretty high, but its progression will be strongly held in check by the fact that it's a unique ability, so there won't be any books to read on it or teachers/trainers to learn more from. I mean, unless she summons the daimon that chose her, but she's completely uninterested in the Theurgy route.

@Kuiti Itijin: That actually seems like a great idea. Thanks!

Yes, exactly. You don't think the House of Masters would do anything to keep their secrets? Pretty sure the moment they find out, it's going to be "Join or Die!".....

That might be a concern if she weren't herself playing a Verditius. But she is. As for the increased attention this would garner in any case... Well, that's sort of the point.

Ah. Then the second part is pointless, yes? The first part is still very, very sweet.....

... Oh yeah. For some reason, when I wrote that, I misremembered their ability as adding Philosophiae to Lab Totals with items they make themselves.

Maybe I'll change it to remove the "still limited by Magic Theory" part of adding Philosophiae, or let the Craft ability be added twice. Hm.

Maybe All items she makes are automatically "Items of Quality"? That would be about the same power level as "Double Craft Bonus", I think, while having more flavor.