Unique Schticks...

Yeah that's right I'm hitting the Feng Shui forums twice...just to wake everyone up to the new year...!

I've searched and searched for the old non-atlas supplement for Feng Shui, Back for Seconds". I'm wary about buying things from sellers etc from overseas and so I'm hoping that someone could help me here.

I've heard that in BfS the Ninja (as well as some others) have Unique Schticks - I was wondering what they are, and if you can't post them here due to copyright (which is stupid because you can't even get the book as a pdf now ...mumble grumble..) then I was wondering if anyone had any homebrew ones for this and maybe other templates.

Also, has anyone put a power/schtick cross-book index up anywhere?


I believe that the genocide lounge site hosts an FAQ which includes those optional extra unique schticks. That's where I saw them first, any way. Ah, found them: http://blewer-d.tripod.com/fsfaq.htm.

The only combined reference I know of are the schtick lists on my site- no details, but let you know where to find things.

Thanks again Queex