Unknown Armies 3rd Edition

Noting that there hasn’t been much discussion on this page for quite some time, I’m not sure how many people are paying attention!

Anyhow, reeling off the back of an impressive Feng Shui 2 campaign and release - which I played for the first time last week with great results - there was the mention of an upcoming 3rd edition Unknown Armies kickstarter. I’m intrigued. So what’s in it? What’s new? What can we expect? Is there any discussion or suggestions being elicited? When’s the kickstarter due?

Answer at your leisure!

Kickstarter is being planned for 2016, but no date as yet.

UA3 is a fairly hefty revision along the same lines as the revision of FS2, with Greg making a number of systemic changes that brings the focus even more toward the point of the game. It's currently being playtested by a small number of groups; there is no open playtest like there was with FS2.

Thanks for the info!

Hate to necro, but has there been much progress these past 5 months?

Yes, they've made a newsletter/playtest notice and announced that the Kickstarter is due in a couple of months.

You all saw that the Kickstarter is now live, right?

AYEP!!! Huzzah! Right on! Word!

Unsure about the PT tho'.

Haven't seen any news about playtesting... :frowning:


Wow this board is quiet! :slight_smile: When will we see the physical product arrive?

cj x

About March/April next year?

For the record, At;as Games are one of the few companies that have actually got their Kickstarted product out on schedule. Feng Shui was there, on the dot. So I have a lot of faith in their organisation.

I just received the UA 3e dice set that was included in my pledge along with the handmade postcard. Whippie! :astonished:

I've just received my collector's set. The books are great. I just wanted to share some joy and hope these forums will see some regain of activity now that the physical books are out !

When can we expect to receive the digital add ons like the campaign starters ?

It's actually the first Atlas product I've bought outside of ArM5 and I think won't regret it. Thank you for your great work.

Yup - I was able to grab a copy of the Deluxe Set at EndGame (Oakland, CA) yesterday, and really, really pleased with it. I've got both prior editions to compare to. Happy almost 20th anniversary of UA. :slight_smile:


Now that some of you ol timers have the third iteration, can you please answer these? Thanks!

How different is the game from 2 Ed? Is it compatible? Is it more generic?


They did away with Body, Speed, Mind and Soul stats, things now are based on Identities. The idea is that you are "Martial Artist" or "Bimbo" or "Biblomancer" and if you try to accomplish something that fits with your identity, you roll against the identity to suceed. There are ten other skills which are based off of your Sanity meters. They are pared, one of them is higher the more hardened notches you have and other other is lower the more hardened notches you have. You raise your identies by failing at a roll, if you never fail at a roll with your idenity it never goes us, but if you never fail at your roll, what are you complaining about?

The magic system is the same, in fact, if you don't have the old books you are screwed, since they don't include any of the old adept schools or avatar channels, except Cliomancy and The Fool, but the setting still refers to those schools a lot.


So, did the new system grokk for ya?


There are some games where you just need to have the right group. This is one of those games.