Unknown Armies: Adept Charges and Avatar Channels

It's a clear and unambiguous rule that adepts cannot accrue charges if they use their adept magic in the process of doing so. What's less clear, however, is whether or not adepts who are also avatars can gain charges through use of their Avatar abilities.

For example: if I am a Plotomancer who is also an avatar of the Merchant, and I use my first tier channel to haggle someone up to paying me $1100 for the used car I'm selling them instead of $900, do I get a significant charge? A minor charge? No charge at all?

For another example: If I'm any kind of adept at all and a high-ranking avatar of the Mystic Hermaphrodite, I can use my third tier channel to physically change my sex, and thus gain a Significant charge through my fourth tier channel. Does the fact that I've used Magick to bring about the sex change mean I can't use the charge? If not, does it taboo the rest of my charges, the way a thaumaturgic charging ritual does?

One of the authors, Greg Stolze, addressed this on the UA mailing list several years ago.

lists.unknown-armies.com/piperma ... 30442.html

The short answer is "yes", but adept/avatar combos should be considered ultra rare.