Unknown armies (one offs)

Hi there,

I used to play unknown armies as one-offs quite a while ago. It occurred to me that it was a very useful mechanism to introducing people to roleplaying as well as having a very well designed series of one off encounters.

Now then, these days I work in a school and run a board games/wargames club for young lads who would definetely be up for this but the games I played were perheps, a bit too dark for a starting point. The stories we played included the clockword wizard, a plane hijack and a jailbreak (was probably the first supplement maybe 6+ years ago) Any suggestions of a good printed adventure we could start with? They are all terribly up for shooting zombies in board games but many of these advantures might be a bit too far, I always have to consider a parents potential reaction. I know they will LOVE this, but so I really want to try it out.

Well, I have never actually run straight UA as I cannot get into that whole mindset as a GM. But I do love the system and have used it successfully for both a one shot zombie game (a few years before the walking dead tv show may i add) and have also run and intend to continue running a Judge Dredd Campaign. I have also run a weird WW2 game that the players also enjoyed.

In fact you can use this system for anything especially gritty realistic games.

Although I admit that I converted to a D20 system rather than D100 as i prefer rolling just one die.

My next idea is to run a fully cinematic game, Feng Shui style using my own version of UA.



An incredibly good starting adventure is right there in the rulesbook (2nd Edition): Bill in Three Persons. I can't recommend it enough (especially the way it ends)!