Unknown Armies promotion

I'm hooked to UA. So I plan to run a small adventure in two conventions. I like to show the game but I have some problems abour promotional material. I try to make my own poster but it was not very nice. Does anybody have A4 size posters in digital format? Any promotional material is welcome.

You might want to sign up for Atlas' Special Ops demo team. We have printable posters, adventures, signup sheets, etc. posted on a special page just for our demo people, which might be of use to you.

All the info about being a demo person is on the "secret" web page that can be accessed after you've turned in an application. Basically, you get 5 Hazard Pay points per hour of work, which can be used to buy pretty much any Atlas product on a 1 HP = $1 US basis. Plus we've got some Special Ops-only items available for Hazard Pay (like demo team t-shirts, product posters, and cover over-runs of some books), and uncut press sheets and other unique items like printer proofs are available in the quarterly drawing.

Applying doesn't put you under any obligation, so the thing to do is send in the completed application form, then take a look around the discussion group and web page and see if you're still interested.

You can find the application at atlas-games.com/specialops

Thanks I've just send my application. :slight_smile:

Im looking for a copy of the Unknown Armies supplement Postmodern Magick. And it doesnt seem to be available at the usual places. Anyone have a copy that they no longer want?