Unknown Armies Third Printing?

When is the third printing on Unknown Armies coming out? I am trying to find a copy of the game and am going mad with frustration.

Funny you should ask...

On Friday I made the changes to p. 3 (the credits page where, in the fine print, it says the printing number) in preparation for ordering the 3rd printing.

My plan is to send it to press this week with the newest Ars Magica book, Houses of Hermes: Societates. So with luck we'll have it back in print within about 6 weeks.

On the one hand: w00t! I finally get to see this book I have been hearing so much about.

On the other hand: GAH! Six weeks! My inner Veruca is going mad! I want it now!!!

It went to the printer today. :slight_smile:

(Yes, Societates too. I know you Ars fans are wondering.)

I might just have to buy another copy just to support UA!

:question: Status Check :question:

UA2 (3rd Printing) did indeed ship with HOH:S last month. Copies should have arrived at all of the distributors who ordered them on May 29th. If your favorite store is still having trouble getting it, please ask them to get in touch with me (or e-mail me their contact information and I'll follow up).