Unnamed ex Bonisagus

plot_device's character.

Wilhelm was born in a covenant, where his gift was discovered and he was apprenticed to a Jerbiton. However, his intellect and understanding of Magic Theory was noticed by a visiting Bonisagus early on in his apprenticeship, and he was taken away from the Jerbiton.

His parens, Osbertus, is a gifted researcher but unlucky. Due to his involvement in several disastrously failed experiments by his parens, Wilhelm's potential lifespan has been drastically reduced. His parens suffered the same fate, and has declined rapidly.

Wilhelm has the ability to deal with mundane problems very well, but he doesn't like to, preferring to focus on trying to solve his own problems of longevity, and attempting to make his mark on the history of the order so his name will be remembered when he is gone. He is a gifted researcher desperate for achievement before age takes him, but he is constantly called away from his laboratory to deal with mundane problems that he's sure someone else should be able to handle.

He doesn't allow himself to focus on bitterness or anger about his shortened life, but he is very intense and generally impatient, and can be quite cantankerous about frivolous demands on his time.

Name: Zuligem ex Bonisagus

Traits: Friendly +3, Ambitious +3, Meticulous +3

Int +3, Per 0, Str -1, Sta +1, Pre 0, Com +2, Dex -1, Qui -1

Artes Liberales (Ceremonial Magic) 1, Code of Hermes (Tribunal Procedure) 1, Charm (First Impressions) 1, Dead Language: Latin (Hermetic) 5, Finesse (Speed) 1, Folk Ken (Magi) 1, Guile (Lying to Authority) 1, Magic Lore (Traditions) 1, Magic Theory (Spells) 7+2, Native Language: High German (Dialect: Bavarian) 5, Order of Hermes Lore (Personalities) 2, Parma Magica (Mentem) 1, Penetration (Rego) 1, Philosophiae (Ceremonial Magic) 1

Perdo 11 (+2 xp), Rego 11 (+2 xp)

Free: Puissant Magic Theory
Gentle Gift, Quiet Magic x2, Subtle Magic, Inventive Genius, Affinity with Magic Theory, Affinity with Rego, Affinity with Perdo

Covenant Upbringing, Age Quickly, Difficult Longevity Ritual, Small Frame, Ambitious (Minor), Visions

Spell Level Arts Base Effect Range Duration Target Casting Description
Aura of Inconsequence 20 ReMe 3 Per Sun (+2) Ind +12 Deflect casual attention (HoH:TL 73)
Sustain the Demanding Spell 25 ReVi 20 Touch (+1) Moon (+3) Ind +12 Maintain concentration on spell up to level 15
Dispelling Word 25 PeVi 20 Voice (+1) Mom Ind +12 Dispel any effect level up to half 40+stress die
Fooling the Eye 10 CrIm 2 Sight (+3) Part (+1) Ind +1 Create image of movement that causes target to make eye contact (See HOH:S 68)
Mask of 1000 Faces 15 CrIm 5 Per Sun (+2) Ind +1 Create anamorph affecting 5 senses (See HOH:S 65)
The Tireless Wizard 15 ReCo 10 Per Conc (+1) Ind +12 As Tireless Flight (non-Mutantum) HOH:TL 102
Wizard's Step 10 ReCo 10 Per Mom Ind +12 Transport self instantly 5 paces

Just have spells left to do. Are you ok with custom spells or need to be from a book?

You can use some custom spells.

Spells done.

Great layout.

Your disspelling spell is pretty dangerous. I assume that it must penetrate. Otherwise, using it would end your own parma and longevity ritual (once you have one).

Dispelling spell is Ind so only affects a single effect (that I have to choose when I cast). Penetration depends, I think people interpret differently, but usually Parma protects spells targeting the magus so if I'm trying to dispel someone else's Parma or some random buff it will need to pen. But when I Master it and fastcast it for counterspelling I don't think that needs to pen.

It never occurred to me to dispel a Longevity Ritual, that's diabolical.

Well in this campaign it does need to penetrate. Do you still want it?

Yeah, my assumption was that it did as above - are you saying it also needs to penetrate on counterspelling?

Either way I'll keep it, just like to know.

BTW, worked out a name, Zuligem ex Bonisagus.