Unquiet Dead Cards

The new Unquiet Dead expansion looks great and add all kinds of new things to Gloom. The Stories and Undead statuses look interesting. Most of the Undead statuses have both positive and negative pathos entries and usually add to zero. The cards are all coded with specific timing effect icons (Immediate, Continuous, Persistent, and Response [none appeared]). i wonder if Atlas is going to reprint the older cards with the new timing symbols?

Made a Match from Scratch has an incorrect Timing symbol on it. It has an Immediate symbol, but it should have a Continuous symbol.

How do you integrate the undead cards into the game. It is not clear even after playing a whole game with the expansion pack. Thanks!

How do you integrate the undead cards into the game? We still don't understand after playing a whole game with them.

You use them just like normal. The only difference are the Undead status which allows modifiers to be played on them and the Stories. If you meet the requirements of a particular Story, for example The Aisle of Doctor Moreau which requires two Beasts Icons in your family, you can use an action to claim that story and reap the benefits of an extra -10 for each of your Characters (living or dead) with a Beast or Duck Icons at the end of the game.

Could you be more specific? Is it specifically the Undead cards only that are the problem, or the expansion as a whole?

The Undead cards are modifiers, and are mixed into the main deck. They can be played on any character, living or dead. If an Undead modifier is played on a dead character, discard the death below it. A character with an Undead modifier is considered to be both living and dead; it counts towards ending the game and towards your score, but you can still play additional modifiers on it. As long as you can see the PICTURE, the special effect of the modifier continues; the point here is that if you place another Undead modifier on the same character, it only gets the special power of the visible modifier.

Does that help?