Update at SHR

Salve Sodales,

I have just posted another character in the Camera Mysteriorum at SHR: Griphaia of Bonisagus, by new contributor Andreas Volker. Andreas has created this character using the Extremely Detailed Character Creation rules, and he has included notes and commentary.

Salve Sodales

I've just posted another article at SHR, "Itinerarium Pompeo," by another new contributor, Erik Inge Bolso. You'll find it in the Sanctum Miscellaneorum. Erik's article provides a Redcap's descriptions and images of some sites that would lend themselves well to use in Ars Magica sagas.

Salve Sodales,

Just a minor update to report. I've just listed a new saga looking for players in the Liber Amicorum, reproduced below:

U.S.A. (IL):

Location: Des Plaines
Setting: Southern Black Forest, Rhine Tribunal; current year is 1059
Contact: Danielle Ostach [ladyphoenix@comcast.net]
Alpha storyguide: Storyguide rotates
Players: currently 3-4 players + storyguide [1-3]
Description: Young covenant with good library sponsored by Durenmar, in return for a large vis debt, in the southern Black Forest. Mundane supplies other than food and wood are scarce. Covenant has enemy of HRE Count and a renegade Order of Hermes faction, ally of two HRE Counts (one is companion) and all sorts of weird fae. Currently 3 magi. (October 2008)