Updated: Arcane Connection 1 & 2: Ars Podcasting

Manamar you are in Coventry? I occasionally hang around the uni, where my gf is doing her PhD. You should check out Grand Tribunal UK, you are only an hour from the venue!

cj x

CJ, just started listening to this and I think it's a great start.

Odd to hear your voice properly (as opposed to muffled over an iChat line stretching half-way across the world) after all these years working with you!

Keep up the good work.



As an aside, never trust CJ's guess as to distance or duration. According to him "we're only two hours from Bury." (Four hours later...) To be fair, in this case he's not that far off.


The first 2 certainly entertained me. I'm looking forward to the next one. A better mike might help some folks who aren't particularly practiced with the accents, but I didn't have any problem myself.

Have you had any thoughts for upcoming topics?

Thank you guys! An Ars Magica podcast is something I've been waiting for forever.

I can't actually follow you, but want you to know that I'll be listening to every broadcast! ^^

Part 3 is out now: It's a bit different, and so I have created a thread for the discussion of the topic here: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/what-spells-should-every-covenant-have-arcane-connection/7833/1 and the link to the podcast is there...

Huge thanks to everyone who helped in the poll!

cj x

Having just woken up again, after falling asleep (I'm up all night with dental pain right now, but hopefully it will be fixed on Tuesday) time to ask: while we wait for new Ars Magica podcasts to come on the scene, Tom and I will continue with our rather amateur efforts, but what would you like to hear as topics next? I don't want to do a poll for a couple of weeks, as it involved a LOT of effort writing to folks and compiling the chart, far more than I had anticipated. I have not had a proper chance to reply to everyone and thank them properly, so I'd just like to once again thank everyone who participated.

So what else can we cover? A lot of material is better suited to Sub Rosa (redcap.org/page/Main_Page ) or even forum posts, so one strong possibility seems to be interviews - who would you like to hear interviewed? I'm sure many of the authors would be happy to be help out and talk about their work, or should I try and cover one book at a time and review them, asking the authors to contribute if they will? Thank you to everyone who has supported the podcasting initiative, I will continue to produce two episodes a week until we see some more podcasts spring up, then we will slow down.

cj x

Well, you've mentioned Regios, Parma Magica, and the Order of Hermes a few times over the course of your podcasts but haven't actually defined any of them yet.

I guess your could sort of lump it all together into a podcast into "Mythic Europe: Setting Elements" or something in that vein...

PS. Sorry to hear about your tooth-pain induced insomnia - been there... :frowning:

Sorry to hear about the teeth, CJ!

As a community, do we want lots of little podcasts, or do we want one big one?

I ask as a person who podcasts a bit through Librivox, and we have one community podcast, not several, despite the community being both bigger and more nebulous than Ars Magica's. My point is, say I have an idea for a 5 minute podcast...should I do it myself or just load the audio to some storage site and say to CJ and Co "Gang, if you want some audio, here's a contribution!" I realise that's more work for them, but it could mean you get a podcast every month or whatever, instead of a sort of flurry of random ones.

The other thing is, I wouldn't worry too much that material is better suited to Sub Rosa. That's true if it has stats, but I wish Sub Rosa had an audio version. It would mean I could listen to it in my car, or while playing Skyrim. I was listening to your Podcast while playing Plants vs Zombies the other day…

What you could do

• Interviews.
• Faux interviews where you send out the questions in advance, the other person records their answers, then you record the questions and paste them in.
• Interesting things happening in the Ars microblogosphere.
• Book recommendations
• Material that enriches the setting and scaffolds it for new players, like fiction or factual material that they can listen to insteadof reading.
• Stories and real play reports.
• Ars Magican food.

I think the Arcane Connection podcast idea is a really strong one and something that I think the community can benefit from. As someone involved with Sub Rosa, I like that Arcane Connection and Sub Rosa can cover different ground and, I suspect, the same ground but from very different angles. I'd love to hear some interviews and reviews, for instance. We've run a couple of interviews in SR, but I'd like to see how they flow on audio too.

Frequency may become an issue. I suspect it's going to be hard to sustain even a weekly schedule without input from beyond the Cheltenham Massiv, but that's for CJ and Tom to look at, I think. I do like the idea of other contributors being able to put together an article on whatever Ars Magica related topic they like and submitting it to the Arcane Connection team for inclusion. That's something that I'd like to listen to.

Do not get Romer started on Angevin cookery, or we'll be discussing trout in pink custard for 25 minutes followed by a 5 minute discussion of the availability of dairy produce according to season.

What's wrong with that?

Would it scare you if I mentioned that I know that trout in custard comes from Apicus, and the question should not be where one gets the milk, but where one gets the jellyfish?

Avengin pink "custard" could not be called that in paradigm, because they spoke French and there is no word for custard in French. Yes, pouring custard is a called "crème Anglaise" but that just makes my point: it's called "cream of the English" because custards are called creams because there's no better word.

Thus, there can't be pink custard.