Updated Character Sheet for Rev/2nd Ed?

What the subject says: has anyone ever put together an updated version of the rather barebones character sheet in the Rev/2nd edition rules?

I don't know - my reference for old character sheets is mad-irishman.net/pub_ars.html
and his cover 3rd, 4th and 5th editions.

A strange lapse on Madirishman's part!

I'm sure I have pdf or tiff for the original 2nd ed sheets.

But what do you want updated?

Oh, I was just wondering if anyone had gone and made a sexier-looking sheet (i.e., what Mad Irishman and others have done for editions from 3rd on).

That said, I was planning on just printing from the rulebook PDF. If you have a separate file, that would be even better. Thanks!

Ok, so looking for sexier designs. Can't help you there. I have separate PDF and tiff of the sheets for grog, companion; magus and grimoire respectively. Scans from my own copy of the book. I made them 5 years ago and can't recall the quality. Unimpressive I'd wager.

Pm me with a mail and I'll send a zip.
That goes for everyone else interested.