Updated guildelines & shape/material list


I have noticed the list of spell guidelines and shape and material bonuses in the game site for download is not entirely updated. Is there a link to updated lists for those things? Thanks in advance.

I want to get to the guidelines to update them. I'm a little behind in the books. Probably has something to do with having a baby, moving, starting a new job, and having another baby on the way... I don't think most of the newer books have new guidelines, though I know of a few. Hopefully I'll get to them soon, though certainly not before June.

(Necrothreading but didn't feel right to create a new topic since the last update is still from 2013 and that message from 2015).

On the website, I checked the list, and compared it to the list I currently have (and that I did get from here because I'm sure I didn't do it myself...) and I noticed that the list I have is more complete than the list on the website. Does someone remember when and who posted an updated list but didn't get the update done on the webiste? I'm pretty sure it was in a topic on this board, from some years sooner.

I'm not sure which of the two you're talking about, but I can comment on the spell guidelines. I don't remember who, but there was a person who made a bigger list that was in violation of what David Chart had said should be published. That's fine for personal use, of course. My list on the Atlas site was only supposed to contain guidelines that are not in the core book and that are generally available (do not require a certain Virtue). I'm still well behind on my book collection, though. I'd be happy to add more to my document.

I once gave away my collected spell guidelines file, but I was asked not to so I stopped. Perhaps that's what you're referring to?

If so, they were NOT very update. I included a few accessories, but it was early days. And I didn't update them since. I also can't guarantee they were identical to the official ones; I believe I may have altered a few, I'm not sure.