Updates at SHR

Greetings, Sodales,

(Starting a new thread, since the other one is somewhat buried and getting too long anyway).

First, I'd like to express my support for Sub Rosa. Having recently managed to read it somewhere in between marking essays, I must say that I enjoyed it immensely and I'm looking forward to many more issues in the future. I would urge all my sodales to submit articles to Alex straight away!

However, should you find that you desire an alternative outlet for your creative talents, or perhaps if you are simply the sort of person who writes more than Alex can ever hope to publish, I would remind you that we at SHR continue to welcome submissions. I've just posted a revised version of "The Saga of the White Tower" by Simon Foston, and we have more from Simon on the way in due course ("due" meaning "once one of the editors has found time to look at the articles and I've found time to code them sometime after the essay-marking is done"). :slight_smile:

Salve Sodales,

(A Classicist friend of mine informs me that in terms of how it would have been actually understood in ancient Rome, the correct translation of that phrase is "Hey buddies!" Go figure. :slight_smile:)

I've recently added some more material to the SHR site, all kindly supplied by our friend Aurelius. These include a Virtue and four Flaws (in a new section in Camera Mysteriorum) and a set of rules for including experimental lab texts in covenants and character backgrounds, entitled "Lab Texts Out of the Ordinary."