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I uploaded a new article to SHR today: "Real Books Made Mythic," by Leonis Bjornaer.

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Thanks for this. It was very timely as I was about to post a question, which I have now done, on multi-ability books.

Your books are largely multi-ability ones and seem of the highest quality. Is this the pattern of your saga? They seems a bit high-powered to me

The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel packs a lot into 60 pages. It is a tractatus and therefore takes one season to copy, which is less than 1 page per day. Does anyone know whether that is slow historically?

Not all of our books are multi-ability, some are...I felt it appropriate for these to be multi-ability based on their historic prominence. Likewise, their quality was based on historic value, these are supposed to be the good authors of antiquity...but then the highest quality was thirteen for a tractatus...I think that can be done with an author with a +2 communication and good teacher? (serf's parma) I didn't think the qualities were overall excessive-- was there a text in particular you thought too high?

I tried to keep qualities consistent within an author-- Tacitus has all his tractati at 11, for instance.

One could just as easily reduce them to a single topic or shift the qualities to a point more appropriate for your saga.


I suppose what I meant was that if you took a covering three or four different abilities then it becomes a lot of accessible experience. For example, "The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel" at 60 pages seems a short read in a season (well, in a day really but I suppose you would want to think and ponder). This equates to 32 EPs, which is quite a lot in our saga at least. It can also be copied in a season.

We don't permit you to gain for multiple arts or abilities from one text... in one season you'd get to increase Rego, another Perdo, Fae Lore the next... you get the idea. I believe this is how it's detailed in the rules-- RoP:D regarding the bible, I believe.


I like these. Real books are always interesting and the currently provided ones in canon are limited (RoP:Divine is the most extant source IIRC).

Very inspiring.

Are there any statted "real-life" books in Art & Academe by the way?



Yes, lots. The Introduction lists the most influential authors and their major works known in the C13.



I'm calculating my Amazon order will arrive Friday based on the 14 day turnaround I seem to get from advice of shipping by email, so I'll look forward to checking it out this weekend...

Can't wait for the Astrology section...

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