Updating Mysteries that Grant Might?

So, HoH:MC and TMRE both came out before the RoP books, and as such they aren't really up-to-date regarding how creatures with Might work. Now, I'm not saying they really need updating, because they function fine enough as-is. But how would you guys go about homebrewing an update to those Mysteries so as to incorporate Qualities/Inferiorities, and to match how Powers are designed in RoP:M/F? Also, they're special Mysteries, so the fact that they have the "bind knowledge to Talisman" thing makes sense, but should magi be allowed to learn in other ways after using those Mysteries? I'm thinking not, simply because learning as a Magic creature is significantly more vis-efficient than learning as a Mystery-transformed magus, but is it bad for balancing to allow the usual method instead? (Obviously not for Daimons, but I mean for Living Ghosts and Alchemical Beings.)

Any input would be appreciated.

I allow them to use both rules. My thought is that the RoP:F and RoP:M rules apply because they are faeries or creatures of magic. But getting there via Becoming is sort of like having the Faerie Teacher/Trainer (something like that) advantage that allows the faerie to have Abilities. The can gain Pretenses and other stuff the normal way, but they also have the special Becoming rules. The magical ones could try (expensively usually) to improve with the penalties or undergo Transformation, but they're usually better off using their special Talismans. From what I've seen, their own special rules tend to be superior to the general rules so having the general rules also apply to them works fine.