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Discord server:

A list of published Minor and Major Magical Foci:

Rolling dice on Discord for Ars Magica, is not too hard to get some useful automatic rolls.

Roll up on 1s: 1d10!1 will roll
e.g. "/r 1d10!1" will roll 1d10 and reroll if it gets a 1.
output sample: "1d10!1 = (7) = 7"

Botches use: "x"d10=0 where x is the number of Botch dice.
e.g. "/r 3d10=0" will roll 1d10 three times and only count the result if it is 10.
output sample: 3d10=0 = "([strike]5 4 6[/strike], 0 successes) = 0"

Or use: "/r repeat (1d10, 10, brief) " which rolls 1d10 10x times.

Aging rolls: "/r repeat (1d10!1 -6, 10, brief)"
output sample: repeat (1d10!1 -6, 10, brief) = -4, 4, -4, 3, -3, 3, 1, -4, 3, 4

/r or /roll is fine to use.
You can add values to the result of the roll, such as: "/r 1d10!1 +3"
You an add comments (I think), such as: "/r 1d10!1 +3 # check vs Arcane Lore by Magus Dair"
You can repeat rolls, eg. /r repeat (1d10!1 -6, 10, brief), which is also a way to handle botch rolls.

Ranks among rulers and nobles in 1220 in England:
King / Queen (in charge of a kingdom)
Prince / Princess
Duke / Duchess (usually in charge of a duchy)
Marquess / Marchioness
Earl (in charge of an earldom)
Count / Countess (usually in charge of a County)
Viscount / Viscountess
Baron / Baroness (in charge of a barony)

All of these (except King/Queen) may or may not be combined with Knighthood (e.g. an Earl can also be a Knight).
The ranks are also place-specific, and may be combined with religious ranks.

For example, the previous king, Henry II was (among other things):

  • King of England
  • Duke of Normandy
  • Count of Anjou

Which means he could be knighted in France, while he's a king in England. And if he'd gone a different path in life, he might have also been an abbot or other religious rank. So it's really messy. But in general, I'll stick to the list above. Whoever you give the papers to will be granted the rank of Baron / Baroness. And the player character Philip of Norfolk, who was denied his rightful title of Earl, is currently a Count, but I believe he hopes to change that.